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How to Download Photos from Google Photos

Google Photos is the most widely used photo storage and sharing service in the world. Google Photos is often pre-installed on Android phones. People use it more than the Android-native gallery app.

You may still want to save some photos on your device. It is easy and possible to download photos and videos from Google Photos. Here are the steps.

Download Photos for Android/iOS Devices

Here are the steps to download photos from Google Photos for Android/iOS phones and tablets. First, make sure the Google Photos app has been installed on your device. Go to Google Play/App Store to download the app. To use the app, simply tap its icon once it’s been downloaded and installed. When prompted to log into, you can use your Google credentials.


After you have logged into Google Photos, locate the photo/video you want to save and click it. Next, tap on the three-dot symbol and choose Save to device. Or Download. This will save the photo/video to your Android/iOS tablet or phone.


Desktop Photos Download

It is very common to download photos and videos to your computer. You may want to edit or backup the files. This approach is a bit different than the mobile/tablet version of Google Photos. You won’t use the app, but only the website.

Open, and choose the photo you wish to save. Navigate to the upper-right corner and click the three dots icon. Select Download. This will save the selected photo(s) to your computer.


Google Photos: Multiple Photos Downloadable

You can download multiple photos from Google Photos. Select multiple photos from Google Photos, regardless of what device you are using. Next, navigate to the three dots icon and click/tap Download. All the photos will be automatically downloaded to your device.

You can also select multiple photos by date to download them. Each series of photos you take on a particular day will have a date. Near that date, there should be a checkmark. Clicking the checkmark will instantly check all photos taken that day. To save all your photos, click the three-dot symbol and choose Download

There is a way to download all of your Google Photos content. This will not delete any content from Google Photos. It’s going to just download it to your device.

Go to the page. A list of everything Google-related will appear. Select Delegate all at the top of your list. Scroll down until you locate the Google Photos entry. You can also use the browser search option for the entry. Next, click on the box at the right of the entry. Then, select Next at the end of the list.

If you want to export photos immediately, select the Export once option. You can also choose to export the photos every two months for a calendar year.


Select the file type, as well as other settings, then go to Export. Depending on the amount of content, this export may take hours or even days. After it’s completed, you will be notified and able to download the files.

Google Photos: Downloading

Google Photos offers many ways to download files. It doesn’t matter if you do it on a tablet, smartphone or computer. Multiple photos can be downloaded and exported at once.

Which one did you choose? Which method did you choose? Did it use your smartphone, the tablet, or the PC? Are you having any problems? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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