How to download music from Google Play to your phone


You love Google Play Music, but you want to listen offline instead? Here’s how you can download music directly from Google Play to your smartphone.


Google Play Music is a great place to store all your audio files. Google Play Music subscribers have unlimited access to the Play Music catalog and the ability to upload up to 50,000 tracks.

You can also download music from Google Play directly to your smartphone! Continue reading to learn how.

You can download your own music

Your Google Play Music Library contains three types of tracks: tracks that you have uploaded, tracks that you purchased, and tracks that you subscribed to. Later, we’ll be looking at streaming tracks. Let’s concentrate on the tracks you already have.

You can download the tracks from Google Play for free and then use them on other apps.

How to Download Music from Google Play

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The official Play Music Android app makes it easy to download just one album or one of your playlists. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the music you like using the app.
  2. To open the context menu, tap on the name of the album or playlist.
  3. Tap Download in the context menu.

When the download is completed, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

To see the songs that you have locally saved through Google Play Music, tap the three horizontal bars at the upper left-hand side. Scroll down to Downloaded only, and then slide the toggle into the Position.

How to download all the music you own on Google Play

So far, so good. What if you want all your music on Play Music? This means every song you have uploaded, and every song that you’ve purchased?

The method we have just described is not suitable. It would take a lot of time to download each album and playlist separately, and this is before you worry about missing some files.

The Google Play Music app doesn’t have a “Download All” button. Instead, you will need to return to the web app to find a workaround. The Play Music web app is available at

You can create playlists with 1,000 songs each. Play Music doesn’t allow playlists that include more tracks.


Navigate to Music Library > Playlists. Next, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right-hand side and choose the large plus icon. You can give your playlist a name, such as “Temporary 1”, and, if desired, a description.

Drag the first 1000 songs from your collection into the list and then go back to the previous steps. Mixing artists and genres is not a problem; files will not be linked to your playlist once they arrive.

Once you have all your music organized in playlists, go back to the Android app and continue the download process.

Listen to your downloaded songs

You have now downloaded all your music to your Android phone. What’s the next step?


You can only listen through the Google Play Music App to the music. This is a problem for those who use more full featured music players on Android.

More concerning is the fact that you can’t access original MP3 files if your phone isn’t rooted. This is a major problem for many people. If you do have a rooted device, you can browse to Data > > Files on your device’s storage.

( Warning: A mistake when rooting an Android device can result in data loss. Before you do anything, make sure to back up all your files.

Use Google Play Music Manager

The Play Music web player allows you to drag and drop your songs to upload, but it’s much easier to use the official Music Manager app.


The Music Manager app allows you to upload music and also can download it from the service. The best part is that there aren’t any restrictions. It will download regular MP3 files you can use anywhere.

If you need MP3 copies of all your music library on your phone, download them using Music Manager and then transfer them to your phone using a USB cable.

Open the desktop app, and then go to Download > My Library. Before you proceed, you can choose a destination folder.

The music manager app can be downloaded for free on Windows and Mac.

Google Play Music Streaming Songs

You cannot legally download MP3s of music Google makes available via its Play Music subscription service. A $10/month plan is available for one user.

However, you can download the music to listen offline. You can listen to the music even if you lose your data signal.

To download music to your phone tap on the album, playlist or radio station. Next, select the three vertical dots, and then choose Download in the popup menu.


To see the songs currently downloading, return to the home screen and tap on the horizontal vertical lines at the upper left-hand corner. Next, go to Settings > Manage Downloads.

You might consider using a different service

Google Play Music’s 50,000 limit on uploads is a popular feature. It’s not the only option you have. You might think that the process of downloading MP3s to your device is a lot of work.

You could instead try a service that does not alter files after you upload them. OneDrive and Dropbox are two options. Sign up for Office 365 to get 1TB free storage on OneDrive.

We’ve included some Google Play Music tips that you might be interested in.


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