How to Download Movie Offline: Learn the Best Ways to Save Them

Downloading movies is a great way to enjoy them, especially if you are traveling or have minimal access to the internet. Learn more in this article




Streaming services are a popular feature in most households today, and you can catch your favorite movies, TV shows, series, and popular videos from the comforts of your home. However, streaming videos entail a robust internet connection and thus poses a significant problem when traveling or in some remote location where you need access to steady internet connectivity. In this article, we will navigate you through some of the easiest ways to tell you how to download a movie so that you can watch it offline anytime and anywhere, according to your convenience.


Let’s discover the most convenient ways to download movies on your devices.

How to download a movie to a PC with Chrome Extension Video Downloader Plus?


If you are wondering how to download movie to your PC, one of the most popular solutions is to do it on Chrome using an extension designed specifically for this. One such extension you can use for this purpose is Video Downloader Plus which can help you easily download videos from various sites through your Chrome browser. Here are the steps to follow.


Step 1: Get Video Downloader Plus from its official website and click Add to Chrome.


Step 2: Next, go to the Toolbar, click on the puzzle icon, and open Video Downloader Plus on your PC. Then enter a username and password.


Step 3: Once you have created an account and verified your e-mail id, you can log in to Video downloader Plus. Now select the video that you wish to download.


Step 4: Once you have located the video you wish to save for offline viewing, open the extension again, after which you will get the download options. Start downloading


While Video Downloader Plus is an easy-to-use tool, it is not devoid of certain limitations. For example, the app does not support YouTube as a source for downloading videos due to restrictions imposed by the Chrome Web Store and Google Developer Program policies.


How to download a movie to Android devices from Google Play?


If you have been thinking about how to download a movie on Android, you can use the Google Play app for this. Here is the process you can follow.


Step 1: Launch the Google Play app on your device


Step 2: Log in to the app with the help of your Google credentials


Step 3: You will find three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your mobile screen. Click on this to access the Google Play menu


Step 4: Once the menu opens, you have to select ‘My Library


Step 5: You will find all the movies in your library. Look for the video you wish to watch offline and select the download icon in the bottom right of the title’s feature photo.


If you already have this rented title downloaded on another device, you will not be able to download it here again. Instead, ensure it is deleted from the other device before continuing here.


Step 6: Once the download process is done, you can find the downloaded titles by going to Menu > Settings > Manage Downloads.


This is an easy way to download your favorite movies to your Android device. However, you can only download titles that have been previously bought or rented by you.


How to download a movie to iPhone with Aloha Browser?


If you wish to learn how to download a movie on your iPhone, you can do so via a website like Aloha Browser. All you can do is follow a few simple steps, after which the video will get directly saved to your device.


Step 1: First, you must go to your App Store and type in ‘Browser’ in the search bar. Scroll down until you come across the Aloha Browser. Install it on your device and open the app


Step 2: Next, launch the app and tap on the ‘+’ icon


Step 3: Type in the search bar to get the app’s main screen icon. You can now search for any video you like and download it with the help of this app.


The Aloha Browser is secure and easy to use but slightly slower than most competitors.


One of the best ways to overcome all the limitations you face when trying to download a movie to your devices is to use more robust software with the best features and advantages. For example, use the StreamFab All-in-One Video Downloader and learn how to download movie from YouTube and various other platforms. In addition, it can help you download and save movies to watch offline without any shortcomings.

StreamFab All-in-One Video Downloader: Watch All Your Favorite Movies Offline Now


This video downloader is one of the most influential and comprehensive solutions that lets you download videos from some of the most popular streaming channels such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, and over a thousand other streaming websites. So, if you wish to know how to download a movie or even how to download a movie from YouTube, you can now easily do so with the help of the StreamFab software. StreamFab is the sub-brand of DVDFab. It also comes packed with the most attractive features and advantages.


Key features and advantages:


  • It lets you save videos in MP4 format
  • Removes annoying ads while downloading
  • All audio and subtitles get downloaded in your preferred language
  • You can either remux subtitles into videos or save them as SRT files
  • It comes with a built-in browser that gives a better downloading experience
  • You can download videos from all primary streaming services with this downloader
  • You can select the video and audio quality according to your choice
  • Auto-downloads newly released episodes at the scheduled time
  • Batch downloading feature
  • High speed downloading
  • Meta information gets downloaded for better media library management.


How to download movies with the StreamFab All-in-One Downloader?


Step 1: Download and install the software on your device


First, download the StreamFab video downloader on your computer and install it.


Step 2: Select the site from the streaming service


Once the software is downloaded, go to the ‘Streaming Services’ tab and locate your streaming service platform from where you wish to download your movies for offline viewing.


Step 3: Sign in and play the movie or show you want to save for offline viewing.


Next, sign in to your account and play the movie or show you want to download to your local storage.


Step 4: Choose the audio and subtitles according to your preference


Select the audio track and subtitle stream in the language of your choice


Step 5: Start downloading.


Click on the ‘Download Now’ button and start the downloading process



  • How to download a Netflix movie on Mac?


If you wish to know how to download a Netflix movie on Mac, you can use Boot Camp, a utility that runs Windows 10 and comes on your Mac. You can also do wireless streaming of multimedia content between Apple devices and stream from your iPad. Hence, you can stream any Netflix content you download on an iPad to your Mac. This way, you can display a downloaded movie on a larger screen for multiple viewers.


  • How to download movie from YouTube?


If you wish to know how to download a movie from YouTube, you can easily copy the URL from your browser’s address bar, open the YouTube Downloader, and select the Download tab. Next, you must copy and paste the link into the search bar, choose the video quality from the dropdown menu, and choose a location on your device where you wish to save the file.


  • Can I download movies to my computer for free?


You can download movies to my computer free from websites such as Pluto TV, Internet Archive, SonyLiv, Zee5, and more.




Movie watching can be made much more convenient and hassle-free if you can download it and save it on your device. In this article, we have taken you through various methods that tell you how to download a movie using a PC, an Android device, or an iPhone. So, whether you have a long flight scheduled or are stranded in a remote location with little or no internet connectivity, you can have access to your favorite movies.

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