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How to download Flash games to play offline

Adobe Flash is no more supported in web browsers. Here’s how you can download Flash games to use offline.

Flash Player support was discontinued by Adobe and all major web browsers at the end 2020. This was not a significant loss, as almost nothing on the internet uses Adobe Flash anymore. However, it is the missing content: Flash games.

Flash games were once very popular because they allowed budding developers to share their creations. These games are now effectively dead, as Flash is no longer supported.

This article will show you how you can download Flash games to continue playing them offline.

Chrome and Other Browsers Don’t Support Flash

You could still enable click to run for Flash in Chrome prior to 2021. Chrome would block Flash content from running by default if you don’t enable click-to-run.

After Flash was discontinued, this message is no longer displayed. If you visit a Flash site that contains Flash games, you will see the message below.

Flash games can no longer be run in your browser. You will need to download the Flash game and run it offline. This is how it works.

How to download Flash Games

This tutorial will use Flash games called New Super Mario 64. These steps will need to be repeated for each game that you wish to download. This process is quick and easy, so it’s worth having a small Flash game collection.

Navigate to the page that contains the Flash game you wish to download. You’ll notice a puzzle icon next to the Adobe Flash Player.

Flash is not disabled, so you can still download the game.

Step 1: Go to the Flash Game Page’s source

Next, you will need to open the source code of the page hosting your game. Click anywhere on the page, except the game’s box, and click View Page Source. This keyboard shortcut is Ctrl +U for Windows and Cmd + Option+U for macOS.

A new page will be created with the HTML source code. To search for Flash files, you can press CTRL + F (or Cmd+ F on a Mac).


You should get at least one result. Depending on the page, it might have more. You can ignore installer files such as expressInstall.swf.

The following is the link in our example:


You will need to find Flash games files elsewhere if you are unable to locate them on the current site.

If you can’t find the right Flash game link

Flash games may not be hosted on the site where they were discovered. If this is the case, the correct file will not be found in the source code. You will have to search elsewhere.

This information was once found on the game startup screen. However, Flash games are no longer available in browsers. Instead, look for the game credit on your page.


A quick Google search for the title of the game will bring up additional pages hosting it. You should be able to find the Flash file in one of these pages.

File2HD is a tool that allows you to list all files on a website and then allow you to download them. Click Get Files. You can now search for SWF files using the Ctrl+ F menu.

Step 2: Download and save the SWF file

You can now download the SWF file containing the Flash game. To download the Flash game, right-click on the link that ends in “.swf”, and select Save link to.


You should ensure that the Save as type is set to Flash Object or SWF file. This indicates that the file is a Flash document. It may appear as an HTML page, or another HTML page. This means that you have either wrong-clicked or the URL isn’t going to a Flash object.

We recommend that you create a folder on your computer for each game that you intend to download. It is a good idea to backup this directory in case you lose any of the games.

Step 3: Play your Flash Games Locally

You might now be curious about how Flash games will actually work in your browser. Many media player apps are capable of handling SWF files, which are Flash objects. You can play Flash files offline without worrying about Flash not working in web browsers.

Windows Media Player, for example, will open SWF files on Windows. It was unable to detect keyboard inputs during our testing. If you intend to play Flash games offline we recommend that Flash Player be downloaded from your local Adobe account. This tool is intended for developers, but can also be used for personal purposes.


Adobe’s Debug Downloads Page. Click the Download Flash Player Projector Content Debugger link for Windows, Macintosh or Linux, depending on which platform you are using. You don’t even need to install Flash Player on Windows. Just launch the downloaded file, and you’ll see a Flash Player window.

To play the SWF file, go to File >Open. You’ll experience the same Flash game experience in your browser.

You can easily resize your window to alter the size of the game. To change the quality or zoom level of the game, right-click on it or use the toolbar buttons. For Flash games that are slow or not responding, please refer to our tips.

Flashpoint is a Flash Game Downloader that’s Easy and Quick.

This method is great for getting a copy of a few Flash Games, but it can be slow if you are trying to build a large library. Fortunately, there are other tools that allow you to access tons of Flash games offline, thanks to the hard work of dedicated developers.

Flashpoint is a great resource for Flash games. This Flash preservation project combines over 100,000 titles into one Flash downloader. It is available in two versions.


Ultimate contains all Flash content in one package, and is more than 800GB. The smaller Infinity version downloads the games immediately and keeps them for offline use.

Flashpoint makes it easy to download Flash games. All you have to do is search for the one you want and run it. Flashpoint is an indispensable tool for Flash fans and a vital step in game preservation.

If you don’t enjoy Flash games , there are other methods to play them .

Flash Games: Download and play them offline

You now know how to download Flash Games from the Internet and play them without using a browser. Flash games are an integral part of both video games’ history and the internet. In just a few seconds, you can preserve Flash’s history and keep your favourite games around well into the future.

Flash games may be dead, but there are still many browser games that use HTML5 that you can enjoy.


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