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How to Disable Google Assistant

While the Google Assistant is extremely helpful when searching for flight tickets or restaurants, it can also be annoying. You may not be expecting it to appear and cause disruptions in your work or entertainment.

It is therefore not surprising that some users wish to disable it. This article will discuss several methods to disable it on Android phones and tablets. We will also discuss Chromebooks, Pixelbooks and Android TVs.

Turn Google Assistant Off Completely

You can disable the Google Assistant completely if you’re certain it won’t bother you any longer. Keep in mind that the Google Assistant can still be activated if you wish. This is how to disable the Google Assistant completely on an Android device.

  1. Open the Google app on your tablet or smartphone.

  2. Tap the Menu (three dots) icon; it is located usually in the lower-right corner.

  3. Next, go to Setting.

  4. Navigate to the Google Assistant Section of the menu.

  5. Scroll down to find the option titled General.

  6. To toggle Off, tap on the slider switch located next to Google Assistant.
  7. Final step: Tap Turn off.

These steps can be used to turn on the Google Assistant if you decide to change your mind.

Alternative route

You can also deactivate Google Assistant completely. You will need to open the Google Assistant one more time. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Hold the Home button down.
  2. Tap on the box-shaped icon at the bottom left corner of the Google Assistant screen to open it.

  3. Next, tap the profile icon at the top-right.

  4. Select General from the menu.

  5. To disable the service, simply tap on the slider switch located next to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will no longer appear uninvited. If you decide to activate the Google Assistant again, repeat these steps.

Deactivate the Activation Button

Google Assistant is known for popping up whenever you least expect. Many people also activate it accidentally by touching the Home button on smartphones or tablets.

Android lets you disable the Google Assistant if you don’t wish to hear or see the Google Assistant appear when you tap the Homebutton. This option is great for people who don’t want the Assistant to be there but don’t want to turn it off completely. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start the Settings App from the Home screen on your Android device.

  2. Navigate to the Application section. It might be called Apps on some models.

  3. Next, visit the Default Apps/ Application section.

  4. Next, open Assistance & voice input.

  5. Click on the Assist tab.

  6. The list of available assistance apps will be displayed on your Android device. It will most often show Google or None. Tap on None.

You can return to your original settings using the same steps as for every other method described in this article. You should choose Google Assistant App in this instance instead of any other app.

Google Updates can be uninstalled

Google Assistant is available since May 2016 (to be exact). It wasn’t available in previous versions of the Google App. You can uninstall the Google app’s updates from your device and reset it to factory settings.

This is the worst you can do in such a situation. Other Google services and features may also be affected. Some of your behavior may change, and others (if they were new additions), might disappear with the Google Assistant.

You can follow these steps if you’re absolutely certain that you don’t want the Assistant on your phone. This works on both tablets and phones.

  1. Launch the Settings app again from your device’s home screen.

  2. Next, visit Apps or Apps.

  3. Tap on the App manager. Alternativly, tap on Applications if you don’t see one.

  4. The list of apps on your phone or tablet will be displayed.

  5. Now, search Google by tapping on it.

  6. Tap on the three dots icon at the upper-right corner to open the Google app’s information page.

  7. Next, tap the Uninstall Updates option.

  8. Google will inform you that the factory version is being replaced with your app. To confirm, click on OK.

Google Assistant will be deleted from your tablet or phone and it won’t bother anymore. The Assistant will be back when you update the Google App or your device automatically.


Disable Google Assistant for Chromebook and Pixelbook

Here’s how you can fix the Google Assistant on Chromebook and Pixelbooks that run Chrome OS.

  1. Click on the Time section in the status bar to open Settings.

  2. You can go to the Assistant section.

  3. Select Google Assistant.

  4. Slide the toggle to Off.

Google Assistant can be disabled on Android TV

You can quickly disable Google Assistant on a Sony TV with Android OS. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Hold the remote button Google Assistant and press it.

  2. Go to the Settings Menu and disable the Google Assistant.

This will make it impossible to control your TV using your voice.

Google, bye!

It is possible to disable the Google Assistant if you don’t use it. This will allow you to use your Android or Chrome OS device uninterrupted.

Are you a fan of the Google Assistant? Do you want to keep it or remove it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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