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How to delete old Windows Update files

Windows Update still has one thing that you need to pay attention to: the files that have been left behind. They can occupy a lot of space.


Microsoft finally has a solution for Windows updates. It took what seems like forever, but users seem to be happy with the result.

Windows Update is almost completely automated. It relies on active hours, customizable restarts and manual pauses for more control. There is one thing that Windows Update still needs to be aware of: the files that have been left behind. They can occupy a lot of space.

It is simple to delete Windows 10’s old updates files. Continue reading to find out how.


How to delete old Windows Update files

  1. .Go to Administration Tools.
  2. Double-click Disk Cleaning.
  3. Select Cleanup system files.
  4. Check the box next to Windows update Cleanup.
  5. You can mark the checkbox next Previous Windows installation if it is available. This will erase the Windows.old file.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Wait for Windows’s uninstallation to be completed.

To free up more space, you may also want to delete any Windows files or folders after you have deleted the update files.

You can delete most files and folders, including upgrade log files, unused languages resource files, temporary files, and other files.

You can also use the Microsoft Update Catalog if you need to update.

This is a free library that contains all past updates. You can search it and download it for no cost. If you have corrupted updates, the catalog can be helpful.

Remember the golden rule: Keep your computer clean and free from clutter. Never install any apps that you don’t use!




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