How to delete calendar events on iPhone and iPad


Sometimes you have to cancel something on your calendar. This is how you do it in the Calendar app for iPhone and iPad.

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Most people plan their day with their iPhone calendar. It’s simple to add all of your events to the iPhone calendar. Sometimes, however, you might need to delete events from the device.

This is how you can delete events from your iPhone or iPad’s calendar.


How to delete calendar events on iPhone and iPad

It is easy to delete events from your calendar on iPhone or iPad. It’s easy to do this from the app.

Open the calendar app to find the event that you wish to delete. To find the event, you can use any view.

To open the event, tap on it. Tap the Delete event button at the bottom of your screen.

This will remove the event from your calendar. After the event is deleted, you can set the time period to busy. It will automatically return to accessible.

How to delete repeated events

You’ll see an additional option if the event you want to delete is set up to repeat. This will ask you if you wish to delete only that event or all future events.

You can tap Delete this Event Only or Delete all Future Events to delete the entire event.


How to delete a shared event

You’ll be able to see different options if someone has shared an event with your or Siri picked it from another app. Instead of Delete Event you’ll see Allow, Maybe or Decline at bottom.

You’ll likely have the event set Accepted at this point. To delete an event, tap Declined. You will not see the event in your calendar. However, you can still access it in the inbox if your mind changes later.

How to delete an entire calendar

You can also delete the entire calendar if you prefer. You can delete a whole calendar, a default holiday calendar, or a spam one.

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Tap on Calendars at the bottom of the bar to delete the entire calendar. To deselect the calendar, tap on its name once. It will no longer appear in the app, but you can still re-select it to access it.

You can remove the calendar permanently by going to the Settings application. Navigate to Calendar under Settings and then tap on Accounts.

Go to the account where you want to delete the calendar. Next, disable the Calendars option.

The deleted calendar will be removed from the app. Keep in mind that once you delete a calendar you can re-enable it for your app at a later time.

Take better control of your calendar

It is essential to learn how to delete your calendar events from iPhone and iPad. This will allow you to keep track of your events more efficiently.


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