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How to Delete All Your Instagram Direct Messages

Direct Message (DM), one of Instagram’s most popular features, is a feature that allows users to chat privately with their friends. Using DMs, users have the option to chat privately with friends or start group chats. There are many messaging apps, but Instagram is the most popular.


Instagram was not designed to manage a chat log full of DMs. This is evident in the lack of tools that can be used to manage your DM inbox. It is easy to get overwhelmed by messages from friends, spam and suspicious links.

So, is there a way to remove all your messages at one time and start over? This article will explain how to clear out your Instagram DMs.

How to delete conversations on Android and iPhone/iOS

These steps will allow you to delete a conversation:

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your home screen.

  1. Tap on the conversation you wish to delete, and drag it to your left. Long-press the conversation to open the message options.
  2. Select and click “Delete.”

After you have completed the above steps, group messages will no longer appear on your inbox. Remember that they are still available to the other person.

You can use the “Search” function to locate specific messages and not scroll through your entire DM Inbox. To delete a conversation with someone, you can use the search bar at top of screen.


Individual messages can be deleted on Android and iPhone/iOS

Instagram introduced the Unsend feature quietly a few years back. You can un-send messages not read yet.

Here’s how to use Unsend in Instagram if you have never tried it before:

  1. Start a DM conversation
  2. Tap and Hold the message you don’t want
  3. Select “Unsend message.”

The above steps will delete both the messages on each end, making it appear as if you never sent them at all. You can always delete a message you regret sending before it is seen by the other person. You are out of luck.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to delete individual messages in bulk. You’ll need to do the same steps for each message. You can always use a third-party autoclicking app.

You can delete all your Instagram direct messages with AutoClicker for Android/iPhone/iOS

AutoClicker Android and AutoClicker iOS allow you to automate repetitive taps and swipes within any app or screen of your device. You will be amazed at the power and versatility of this free program once you get started. This article will focus on how to delete your DMs from Instagram.

  1. Start your Instagram app.
  2. Start the Auto Clicker App.
  3. Tap ” Enable” in the “Multi Targets Mode” section. This will enable you to tap multiple times with a delay between each tap.
  4. Go to your “Direct messages” screen on Instagram.
  5. To create a swipe point, tap and hold the “green plus sign” . Drag the “swipe points” to the first conversation within your DMs.
  6. Move the ‘second circle’ within the ?first circle. This instructs AutoClicker that you tap and hold.
  7. To open the “settings dialog” for this swipe, tap the “circle”. Set the delay time to 1000 milliseconds, and the swipe time at 1000 milliseconds.
  8. To move the process along in Instagram, long-tap the “first conversation” so you can see the next taps.
  9. The context menu opens. To add a tap point to the , tap on the tap point at the line that says “Delete.” The tap point will become #2 and be surrounded by a “2”.
  10. To move the process forward on Instagram, tap the ‘delete line’.
  11. Tap on the “+ Icon” , to create tap point 3. Drag the “tap Point” at the correct spot.
  12. To delete the conversation, hit “cancel”.
  13. Tap the gear icon to give this tap script (they refer to it as a configuration) an name. You can save the script to run this command again for hundreds or thousands of times, without human supervision.
  14. To execute your script, hit the ‘blue Run Arrow’.

The AutoClicker App interface can be disabled by going to the AutoClicker home screen.

AutoClicker can be used in many ways. It’s not only for speeding up the deletion of Instagram DMs.


FAQs: How to delete Instagram Direct Messages

Is it possible to delete all messages from an Instagram account by blocking someone?


It has nothing to do about sent messages. You can block an Instagram user by going back to their message thread and clicking the “Delete” button. You can choose to delete the messages. All communications sent by you to another user can be viewed by them.

Un-sending messages to another account is the only way to delete them. However, they must have not read them. Open Instagram DMs and tap on the message thread. Long-press any message you have sent to the user to unsend it. This can take a while depending on how determined you are to do so, but it is definitely a useful feature.

Is it possible to delete all Instagram DMs at one time?


Instagram doesn’t support deleting multiple messages at once. This is even true when you use third-party DM deleting applications. Unless you use an app like AutoClicker, which automatically sets clicks, each conversation must be deleted manually.

You can delete entire conversations at once, regardless of setbacks. This means that you will only need to do the deletion once per conversation and not per message. Although it is still painful, it is much easier than doing it one at a time.

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