How to Decode an Audi VIN for Free? (2022 Updated)


Every Audi car has a unique set of letters and numbers, which contains all-inclusive knowledge about the vehicle, such as year of production, mileage, accident history, country, factory, lineup, engine type, machine’s security system, serial number, etc. With this number, we can check the actual status of the Audi car, extract various details and make a smart buying decision based on the data obtained. Audi VIN has constantly changed. In the beginning, the combination consisted of 9 characters. Since 1970, the company has been adding to the sequence. Finally, in 1980, a 17-digit dial appeared, which is used in the company today. It complies with the European vehicle labeling regulation, and Audi vehicles in America and Europe have distinctive features.

Purpose of the VIN Code

The reason for using a VIN code of seventeen values ​​is the desire to simplify, unify and make the search for product information more accurate. It is essential that not everyone can use the information, which makes information about the modification confidential. The manufacturer corrects and makes changes in the process of refinement and modernization. This updates the data, allowing you to decode your Audi VIN correctly.

The standard location of the identification code on Audi cars is the inside of the site’s power plant compartment before the driver’s seat glazing. Often, the information is repeated through a magnetized strip attached to the undercarriage glass or on the wing. On some modifications, the cipher is closed with a plastic plate for protection. The coding principle for Audi cars operating in Europe, the United States, or Canada is different.

Why Do We Need To Decode An Audi VIN? 

Due to the high popularity of the Audi, a large number of people buy its cars. As a result, Audi cars are at the top of statics regarding vehicle theft. In such situations, there is a high probability of getting a car with a dubious dark past. Decoding an Audi VIN will help to avoid trouble and legal problems. It is the primary way to identify a vehicle from Audi, which can be compared with fingerprints. 

A VIN is hard to forge, but scammers have successfully mastered the complex process. However, a VIN check will immediately indicate discrepancies in the information, and the buyer can quickly identify fraud. So you can save yourself from buying a car that is listed as stolen. 

How To Decode An Audi VIN For Free?

Depending on the model, you can decode an Audi VIN in different parts of the machine. For example, it can be located on the instrument panel, engine compartment, shock absorber, and body under the hood. Before buying a car, you should find precisely where the plate with the code is fixed. 

After that, you should check the VIN for compliance. Finally, it would be best if you resorted to VIN number lookup in VinPit. Insert the VIN code in the site’s search bar. You will get a detailed description of the car’s parameters on your email ID. You can determine the feasibility of acquiring a vehicle based on the received data.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Use VinPit to Decode Your Audi VIN Status

Checking a car by VIN code before buying will help to avoid sudden expenses for repairs or complications when registering with the traffic police. A large number of individuals use this website to decode Audi VIN.

Step 1: Get the Audi VIN

The first thing you need to do is to get the Audi VIN, usually located near the engine and other places. 

Step 2: Access the VinPit Website

Use a browser to land on the VinPit site. Next, navigate to the dashboard toolbar at the top on the right side to use the “ VIN decoder. Here, you should enter the Audi VIN in the search bar.

Step 3: Start the Search

Enter the Audi VIN in the search bar and click the “start search” icon. The website will navigate to this link. Here you find a page like this. Choose the option and move ahead. 

Step 4: Get The Vehicle History Report

Here you need to choose one, two, or all options and click the continue button. The website starts preparing the report. You need to insert an Email Id and get complete info about the Audi car you want to purchase. It displays all information related to the vehicle and helps you make an intelligent purchasing decision. It displays information about the vehicle sales listing, specifications, theft, salvage, market value, and accidents. 

It helps save your energy, get up-to-date information about the car on sale, bargain the selling price and strike a profitable deal. The VinPit report will help you get a complete picture of the vehicle and its owner in 2022. By the frequency of requests for repairs and maintenance, it becomes clear how carefully the owner treated the machine and whether it is worths your money or not. 

In practice, customers hardly come across an Audi with a dubious past. But statistics say that this is one of the most stolen premium car brands.  The main advantage of checking the Audi VIN on VINPit is to obtain reliable information about the mileage of the car. In addition, the report will indicate the repair at the service center after the accident, if any. Data analysis shows visits to scheduled technical inspections, replacement of fuel fluid, filters, and other repairs. An objective assessment of a disinterested person makes it possible to determine the conformity of the car with the characteristics described by the owner or service station. Therefore, it will help those who want to buy a used Audi car.


Deciphering the VIN code is a beneficial procedure that will protect the car buyer from being deceived by the seller. Having declassified the combination, you can find out about the status of the transport, as well as the equipment. It alerts buyers and keeps them away from future troubles. On the other hand, if the info completely matches, you can be sure of the authenticity of the Audi for sale and make a perfect purchasing decision. 

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