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How to create and use a ZIP file

This is a great way to send multiple files by email

What to Know

  • Right-click on a blank area of the desktop in Windows. Select New > ZIP (zipped). Folder.
  • Name the folder, then drag and drop files to it to compress them.
  • Mac users can right-click the file or folder they wish to compress. In the pop-up menu, select Compress.

This article will show you how to compress files into ZIP files using Windows and macOS. This article also includes information about mailing ZIP files.

How to create a ZIP file in Windows

There are many ways to create a ZIP file. This is one simple way to create a ZIP Windows file.

  1. Right-click on a blank area on your desktop and select New> Compressed (zipped). Folder.
  2. Give the name of the ZIP file. This file name will be visible to the recipient when they receive the ZIP file as an attached file.
  3. Drag and drop files and folders you wish to include in your ZIP file into the empty area. You can send text documents, images or music files.
  4. Now, the ZIP file can be sent.

A file archive program like 7-Zip and PeaZip can also be used to create ZIP files.

How to create a ZIP file on a Mac

The built-in ability to compress and unzip files is available in Macs.

  1. Right-click (or press control while you click) on a file or folder that you wish to compress.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select Compress.
  3. The new ZIP file is located in the exact same place as the original file, folder or folder with the.zip extension.

How to email a ZIP file

Every OS has its own way of creating ZIP files. Each email client also has its own way to send them. Sending a ZIP file via email is the same as sending any files over email. If you are familiar with how to send Word documents as attachments, then you can follow the same steps for sending a ZIP file.

Here’s an example: How it works in Gmail

  1. Send your email message as usual. Select Attach files at the bottom of your composition window (the paperclip icon).
  2. Select the ZIP file from your hard drive.
  3. You’ll find the name of your ZIP archive at the bottom of the composition window. Select Send.
  4. The ZIP file will be sent to the recipient as a normal attachment.

What is a ZIP File?

ZIP files are files that have been compressed to reduce their size. This allows you to quickly and easily email multiple files and saves space on your hard drive.

What Compressing Does Make Sense

Email applications have a limit on the size of individual messages. This includes the header and body, as well as any attachments. The message will not send if you send too many large attachments.

You can easily send the ZIP file as a single message if you compress your files. You can compress many documents to as low as 10% of their original size. Combining multiple files into one ZIP file can make them compact and fit into one attachment.

Consider using a cloud storage provider if you send large attachments often and use ZIP files to compress them. These services are able to handle larger files than the average email service.





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