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How to create a Yahoo email alias

You can keep your Yahoo ID secret by hiding it with another email address

Your Yahoo ID is used in your main Yahoo Mail account ( You can also use a Yahoo email account alias to help protect your Yahoo ID when you send and receive email messages.

What is a Yahoo Email Alias?

An Yahoo email alias can be used to disguise your Yahoo ID-enabled main Yahoo Mail address.

So instead of giving your out to receive messages or using it in the From: field when you send messages, you would use your own address instead.

All messages sent to your Yahoo email address alias will automatically be received in your main Yahoo Mail. You can also send messages from your Yahoo Mail main account.

How to create a new email alias on Yahoo Mail

Only a web browser can create an email address alias for Yahoo Mail. This is not possible with the Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS or Android. However, once you have created an email alias on Yahoo Mail via the internet, you can view and receive messages via the app.

  1. Navigate to using a web browser. Sign in to your account if you need.
  2. In the top right, select Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and select More Options.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Mailboxes.

  5. Select the Add link under the Email section alias.

  6. In the field labeled , enter the name of your new email address (without the part) and create a new Yahoo Mail account.
    Your email address can only contain letters, numbers and underscores. Your email address can only be edited two times in the next twelve months.
  7. Click the blue Set up button.
    You won’t have the ability to use your email alias if it is already taken or unavailable. Yahoo will either create a new email alias or you can choose from the suggestions below.
  8. After your email alias is successfully created, you will be asked for the following information:
    • Your name will appear in any emails you send.
    • A description: A brief description like, “extra account.”
    • Reply to address: Select whether you wish to receive replies to messages sent via an email alias to the email address or your main Yahoo mail address.
  9. Click the blue Finish link.
    Only one email alias can send and receive messages. You can delete an email alias at any time by selecting it in Mailboxes and then clicking the red Remove Alias button.

How to send emails from your Yahoo Email Alias

Yahoo Mail, unlike other email platforms allows you to send and receive emails from your email address. Email aliases are typically used to forward email addresses, and they are only for receiving emails.

Yahoo Mail allows you to send an email message from both the Yahoo Mail web app and the Yahoo Mail mobile application for iOS and Android.

  1. To create a new email, go to Yahoo Mail on the internet and click the Compose link at the top left.
    Tap the colored pencil symbol in the lower right corner of the Yahoo Mail app.
  2. The dropdown icon should appear at the end your default email address in From:. To see all email addresses, tap it.

  3. Send your email as normal. Your email address will be listed as the sender email address to the recipient.
    You can make your email alias the default sending address, so that you don’t have a to do list of steps each time. Select Settings >… Other Settings > Mailboxes> Writing email. Next, click the dropdown arrow under Default Sending Address to make your email alias.

For other purposes, create additional Yahoo email aliases

Yahoo Mail allows you to only have one email address that you can send and receive messages from. However, there are two additional email addresses you can use for specific email activities.


Only send email addresses

You can add up to 10 email addresses to your main email alias address in the Mailboxes area of your settings.

To add an email address, select Add under Send only email addresses. To select your send-only email address, select the dropdown when you compose or reply to a message.

Email addresses that are not required

You will find Disposable Email Address in the Mailboxes Section of your settings. A disposable address can be used to receive third-party newsletters. It also helps you keep your privacy and spam under control.

You can create as many as 500 disposable email addresses using different services. These will be delivered directly to your inbox unless you have set up filters that allow them to be delivered to other folders. You can easily remove a disposable email address from which you no longer wish to receive messages.




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