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How to connect two sets of AirPods to the same Mac

You don’t need to share one set of AirPods if you want to listen to the same thing on a Mac with a friend.


It’s amazing to be able to listen to music through your AirPods. What’s even more amazing? You can share the listening experience with someone else.

You can share your AirPods with your friend if you have AirPods. This is how it works.

How to listen on your Mac using two pairs of AirPods

This feature is very similar to Share Audio on iPhone. It allows two people to listen to each other’s AirPods using the same iPhone or iPad.

The process for Macs is slightly different. The big difference between Share Audio and Mac is that it only works with two AirPods or compatible devices. This setup for Mac can work for all other types of audio devices, regardless of whether they are Bluetooth-enabled.

You can listen to two sets of AirPods from your Mac.

  1. Combine both sets of AirPods for your Mac.
  2. Select Finder. Next, select Applications from the sidebar. Finally, choose AudioMIDI Setup. You can also search Audio-MIDI Setup by using Spotlight in the menu bar.
  3. Click the Edit (+), icon, and then choose Create Multi Output Device.
  4. Check the boxes beside the sets of AirPods you wish to listen to.
  5. Change the default Multi Output Device name to a different name.
  6. Select Sounds in the menu bar to select your new audio configuration under output. You can also go to Preferences Sound and click the Output Tab. Then, look for the device you just created.

For a better listening experience, use two pairs of AirPods

We reach for our AirPods and headphones when listening to music through speakers isn’t ideal. But, even if you have one pair of AirPods for each of your ears and those of your friends, it doesn’t do justice to what you are hearing.

You can listen to music and watch your favorite shows with another person by pairing two sets AirPods on your Mac. The AirPods also offer surround sound technology, which is a plus.




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