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How to Clear Recent Watched in Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one the most popular streaming services. The service’s exceptional collection of documentaries, movies, and shows is affordable and offers something for everyone. You can view a list of movies and shows you have already viewed, just like other streaming services.

Disney Plus makes it difficult to delete your most recent titles. We’ve created this article to help you with your queries and show you how to work around it.

Can you Clear the Disney Plus Recently Watched Liste?

Disney+ does not have a section for viewing your past or an option to delete it. This is unlike Hulu and Netflix. Disney+, just like other platforms, makes recommendations based upon your past selections.

What can you do to personalize your Disney+ selections if you don’t have the option of deleting your viewing history? We’ll show you all the options for deleting the most recently watched list in the sections below.

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Create a secondary profile

You might want to watch a show that you don’t want others to see, or Disney Plus doesn’t want to recommend shows based on your past watch history. We can’t delete the titles we have just watched, so we will need to create and then delete a profile.

You can’t delete your main profile from Disney Plus. You will need to create temporary profiles that you can later delete. All of your watch history will be lost when you delete a profile from your account.

These steps are the best way to remove recently viewed titles.

  1. Sign in to Disney Plus by opening Disney Plus. Next, click the + Create Profile button.
  2. Select a profile photo and enter a name. Click Done at the upper right-hand side.
  3. Now, you can view the content that interests you. To clear your profile’s history, click the Edit Profiles button from the homepage.
  4. Click the pen icon to access the profile where you used to view titles.
  5. Scroll down and click to delete your profile.

You won’t need to worry about inappropriate suggested titles or inability to delete recent watched history.

Remove Watchlist Content

Despite the addition of the “Recently Watched List”, the company has not yet added an option to delete the content. You can still delete items from your Watchlist. You must add items to your Watchlist to make this distinction. This makes it much easier to find the content you are looking for, especially if you have children who keep watching the same movie over and again.

This is how to remove content from your Watchlist:

  1. Start Disney Plus on your device. Next, go to the Watchlist section at the top.
  2. Click on the thumbnail of the item that you wish to remove, and then click the “Checkmark” button. This will remove it

It will usually work, but sometimes it may not. It may take a few tries, but eventually it will work.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Plus is a great competitor to other streaming services. Continue reading if you haven’t learned everything you needed to know.

How can I locate my Disney Plus watch history?


Your Disney Plus watch history cannot be viewed. You can find the Continue watching section with most of your titles, but you cannot view the content you have just recently viewed. You can’t see every item you have viewed in the past.

Is Disney Plus going to ever allow us to erase our watch history?


The company has not yet provided any information about the possibility of the feature being implemented. To request a Recently viewed category, please fill out the Feedback Form.


We believe that filling out this form is a way to show our hope that, if enough people request it, Disney Plus developers might eventually integrate it onto the platform.

A Relatively Smooth Beginning for Disney Plus

Disney Plus has had a great start, despite some interface problems. It may be one of the most popular streaming services, with so many classic Disney content and new TV shows on the horizon.

Are you having any problems since launch? Did you manage to edit your Recently Watched List? Which Disney films and TV shows are your favorites? Leave a comment below.

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