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How to check your data usage

Avoid paying overage fees and use less data

What to Know

  • iPhone: Tap Settings>> Cellular to view data usage. Android: Tap Settings> Data or Settings> Connections > Data usage.
  • Carriers: AT&T, dial *DATA#. Verizon, dial #DATA. T-Mobile, dial #WEB#. Sprint, dial *4
  • Boost Mobile and Cricket offer unlimited data plans. However, be aware of throttling.

This article will show you how to monitor your data usage from either an iPhone, Android, or via a major carrier such as AT&T or Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint.

How to check your phone’s data usage

Check your iPhone data usage

  • Tap Settings > Cellular.
  • Scroll down to view your total data usage during the billing period and how many data your apps used. This is sorted from most to least.

While it’s fine to check your phone’s data, you won’t have any insight into what data is being used on your phone. You’ll need to dig deeper if you are part of a multi-line or family plan to find out who is using what.

Check Android Phone Data Use

  • To see your data usage, tap Setting > data. You can Limit mobile data from this screen.
  • For more detail, tap Settings > Connections > Data usage. You can swipe up to view the data usage of your apps, sorted from largest to least.

The fastest way to find out which apps consume the most data is to check your mobile data usage on your phone.

AT&T Data Usage

Dial *3282# (*DATA#) to find out your AT&T data usage.


AT&T will send a text message to you with a summary of your billing data, total data usage and any data overages. You can even see how much you used for each number on your family plan.

You can control how your data is used with the myATT app, available on Google Play or in Apple App Store.

You can avoid unexpected billing surprises by using the myATT app. Set up data alerts to receive text messages whenever a threshold is reached. MyATT’s Stream Saver feature allows you to limit most videos to 480p resolution. For most purposes, you’ll be able to enjoy DVD quality video.

Verizon Data Usage Check

Verizon offers many ways to monitor and manage your data usage. This includes a summary text. To receive a summary text message summarizing your data usage, dial #3282 (#DATA). Verizon will even verbally repeat the information if you remain on the line.

You can set data usage alerts and see which apps and who are using data with the My Verizon app (available in Google Play and Apple App Store).

Depending on the data plan you have, the Safety Mode in My Verizon App will allow you to continue using data even after you reach your monthly allowance. However, speeds may be reduced. This is a great way to avoid data overage fees.

T-Mobile Data Usage Check

You’ll get a text message when you reach 80% or 100% of your account minutes, texts, and data. You can also dial #WEB# (#932#) anytime to check your account.

T-Mobile’s App tracks basic data usage and manages its BingeOn feature. To limit data usage, enable Binge On to optimize video while you stream it. You don’t have to watch Netflix for the entire month.

Sprint Data Usage

To get a summary verbally of your text, data and message usage, dial *4 You can also opt to receive your usage via text.

If you have a family plan, the primary account holder will receive notifications when any user exceeds 75%, 90% or 100% of their allowance.

My Sprint Mobile (Google Play and Apple App Store), tracks your usage by billing period. However, to access controls to limit app data and user data, log in to your My Sprint account online.

Check data usage with Cricket

Cricket claims that its plans include unlimited data so you don’t have to keep track of usage. There’s a catch.


Cricket will “temporarily slow down data speeds” after consuming a certain amount of data (currently 22GB/mo).

Keep track of your progress with the myCricket App (Google Play, Apple App Store). Or log in to Cricket does not send text alerts about data usage.

Boost Mobile allows you to check your data usage

Most Boost Mobile plans include unlimited data usage. Boost Mobile will notify you about data usage during your billing cycle. You can only access a certain amount of high-speed data, just like Cricket’s unlimited data.

Boost will notify you when your high-speed data limit is reached. You can also check your usage online by logging into your Boost Mobile account. You can also download the My Boost Mobile App (Apple App Store, Google Play) You can also keep track of your data usage and view outgoing messages.

Why am I using so much data?

It’s not surprising that the apps and activities you use the most are the ones that consume the most data. These are the top culprits.

  • Autoplaying videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat
  • High definition streaming video on Youtube, Hulu and Netflix.
  • Apps can be allowed to refresh in background even when they aren’t being used

There are many options to check how much data you have taken from your plan. These include direct delivery to your mobile phone via text message or through the app or website of your carrier. If you have to go on a data fast, or you want to track how much data you use, you can read this article.

Take control of your gigs

We have great advice on how to control the data that your apps share.

We have collected tips for Android users to monitor your mobile data usage .

Instead of turning off your iPhone’s data when you get into trouble with your data cars, take a look at our data-saving tips for iOS users.




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