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How to Check Online Your Delivery Status of Huduma Namba

Online, you can check the status of your Huduma number cards collection and delivery online via Huduma Card Confirmation portal.

Did You Know That You Can Check if Your Huduma Naamba is Ready for Collection?

To allow Kenyans who have registered for Huduma numbers cards to verify that their card is available for collection, the Huduma card confirmation portal was developed. To check your status, you can use your Alien ID, birth certificate number, or ID number.

How to check Huduma card status online

Follow the steps below to check your Huduma Namba Card status online

  • Visit huduma Namba confirmation website: https://confirmation.hudumanamba.go.ke
  • Enter your national ID number
  • Click check status
  • If your printing status is PRODUCED it means that your huduma cards are ready for collection
  • It means that your card is not available for collection if you see “The card has not been produced”.

Huduma Number Card status meaning

The huduma cards are ready for collection

If the huduma cards are not available for collection

Point of collection “Nairobi NIIMS Secretariat”, means the collection point for your sub-county. It is usually your local DO’s office.

NOTE: You have been sent an SMS telling you to go collect your Huduma numbercard.



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