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How to Change Your Steam Account Name

Steam, a cloud-based gaming platform, allows users to store and buy online games. This gamer-oriented platform was founded in 2003 and has been around for almost 20 years. Some users have remained loyal since its inception.

Gaming usernames may not be as popular as they used to be when you were 16. Names can make a big difference on platforms like Steam where many gamers have been playing since childhood. If you’ve outgrown your Steam username, can you change it?

It is important to know that Steam’s Account name is different than other usernames. You cannot change your Steam account number. Your Steam profile name is the name you see. You and your friends can change this name.


Modify Steam account name

The Steam account name can’t be changed. This is your account’s numeric ID and cannot be changed. Steam’s T&Cs do not allow for this to happen.

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Modify your Steam account name

You might have a different Steam profile name. This is the name that appears at the top of the page or in the upper right corner. This is the name your friends will see. You can change this name.

  1. Log in to Steam, and select your username from the upper left corner
  2. Click View Profile in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click here to edit your profile
    Simply type your name over to change it.
  4. Click on the ‘Save Changes” button at the bottom to save the file.

Change your profile name immediately so everyone can see it.

Is there a way to transfer games and create a Steam account?

It would be wonderful if you could create your own Steam username and transfer all of your games. It would be fantastic, but it is not possible. Steam accounts can have single-user licenses for games. It is not possible to merge accounts. You will need to create new accounts or transfer your existing games. You can’t merge accounts.

Steam account deleted

There is a big difference between uninstalling Steam and deleting your Steam Account. Uninstalling Steam is a simple way to free up hard disk space. It is very simple to delete your Steam account. All account information, licenses and CD keys as well as any other items that are associated with your account will be deleted.

You can still create a new Steam Account, but you will lose access to all your games. You will lose all games purchased through Steam and your CD keys purchased through Steam. However, you can still play any games purchased from another source.

All community contributions, discussions and other content will be deleted. This is an urgent request. There is no automatic way to delete it. To delete an account, support tickets are required. You will need to verify your identity before you can close your profile.


Register for a new account

You can use another email address if your Steam account is canceled. It is easy to create a Steam account. Verify your email address. Next, create a new account name.

Your account name should reflect who you are, but it should also allow for the possibility of your personality changing. Instead of choosing “DallasCowboysfan08”, you can choose “NFLfan” as who knows what the future holds.

View steam data

Access your Steam records by clicking this link You can modify some data and personalize your Steam experience. You cannot edit your Steam account name but you can modify account details, profile names and two-factor authentication.

It takes some time to read the entire list but you’ll be amazed at how many settings there are. This is especially true for Steam accounts older than mine.

How to keep your Steam account secure

Because Steam accounts are so valuable, it is crucial to keep them safe. While there is no way to guarantee safety, there are steps you can take that will minimize your risk.

Steam Guard 2-factor authentication must be turned on. This code will be sent by email or phone to you whenever anyone attempts to log into your account from an untrusted computer.

Strong passwords are essential for Steam accounts. Passphrases are better than just one word. It will be safer if you can remember it. Steam cannot remember your login details if Steam is the only one who has access. Your password should never be shared with anyone.

Emails asking for Steam information should not be responded to. You should ignore any Steam emails asking for information. You should immediately delete all email notifications regarding something and visit Steam to verify. If you are able to access Steam to complete any task that you request, the email should be valid.

Steam Privacy Settings

If you are very concerned about your account’s name, you can make it private. To update your account name, follow the same steps as above.

  1. Click “My Privacy Options” on the right sidebar of your Profile page.
  2. You can toggle between “Friends Only” or “Private”

You don’t have to save. After you’ve toggled your account information, privacy preferences will be set. It may be a smart idea to make your account public if you have had to change your identity in the past.

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