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How to Change Traits in Sims 4

Sims games are loved by players for their wide variety of personality traits and how they impact the gameplay. Sometimes, you might not like the traits that you have chosen. We can help you change your traits if that is the case.

This guide will show you how to modify traits in The Sims 4 while creating Sims and then afterward. We’ll also answer the most frequently asked questions about traits in The Sims 4. Continue reading to learn how to modify your Sims 4 character.

How to change traits in The Sims 4

It is not easy to change character traits after a game has been played. These steps can be used on a PC or Xbox.

  1. Earn 5000 Satisfaction points. You can do this by using cheats or collecting whims.
  2. Shop at the Rewards Store to purchase the Re-Traiting Potion.
  3. Take the potion. You will see a pop-up window. Select the traits that you wish to change.

How to change traits in The Sims 4 with a cheat on a PC

Cheats can be used to modify Sim traits if you don’t wish to spend too much time collecting points. Follow these instructions to do this on your PC:

  1. Use Shift + to type Testingcheats into your keyboard. Next, press Enter.
  2. Enter and type ” case.fulleditmode“.
  3. To close the cheat input window, press Esc
  4. Hold Shift, and click on the Sim you wish to modify.
  5. Select Modify in the CAS.
  6. You will see the Create a Sim menu, where you can modify any traits.

You will see the Create a Sim menu, where you can modify any traits.

How to change traits in The Sims 4 with a cheat on Xbox or PS4

The steps to edit Sim traits with cheats for console users are slightly different than those for PC gamers. Follow these steps to use cheats for Xbox and PS4:

  1. Hold down R1/RB, R2/RT and L1/LB simultaneously for a few seconds.
  2. Type in testingcheats and choose .
  3. Choose a Sim with the traits you wish to edit, then press R1/RB or R2/RT again.
  4. Type in cas.fulleditmode and choose .
  5. Select Modify at CAS to change desired traits.

How to choose traits in The Sims 4: CAS Mode

Follow these steps to select traits for the Create a SIM mode:

  1. You can enter the CAS mode by creating a new Sim, or using a cheat code.
  2. Once you’ve selected the name, gender, and age of your Sim, the traits menu opens.
  3. To see all options, click trait hexagons
  4. Choose the traits. Click the dice icon to select them randomly.

Tip: Some traits that are mutually exclusive cannot be combined.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about traits in Sims 4.

You can change Sims 4 traits from the MC Command Center.

It is currently not possible to change traits via the MC Command Center. Until the game developers implement a new UI element, the creator of MCCC will not be able to continue working on it.

Why can’t my Sim change his traits?

You can’t change the traits of a character once they have been created, unless you use cheats or take a Retraining Potion. Sometimes traits cannot be changed in the CAS mode. This happens when you use the Story Mode. Your answers to a quiz determine the character traits. You can also change your traits in Story Mode by using cheats.

What are the traits in Sims 4’s?

Sims 4 offers several types of traits, including personality, reward, death, bonus and bonus. Personality traits can include social, emotional, hobby, lifestyle, or social traits. How a Sim dies and how they act as a ghost will be determined by their death traits. There are many reward and bonus traits that can be applied to Sims. Sims can, for example, learn to better understand animals or act more effectively.

What are the traits that a Sim can have?

You can choose up to three personality traits to be an adult Sim and up to two for a teenager. Children and toddlers only have one trait. As your children Sims get older, you can choose more traits. You can select bonus traits along with your character’s aspiration. Only one bonus trait can be selected, and it cannot be modified later. Only one death trait can be selected per character. The rewards traits can be chosen at any time.

Personalize your Sim as you wish

With the help of this guide, you should now be able to change the traits of any Sim at any time in the game. As with real people, characters can change over time. It is the uniqueness of each Sim that makes this game so fun.

What Sims traits do you like the most? Are you more inclined to take it easy and use cheats to modify traits, or do you prefer to be fair and buy the Re-Traiting Pottion? Comment below to share your thoughts.




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