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How to Change the Payment Method on an Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is a VR device that can do everything. You can view movies, explore volcanoes, exercise, or play video games.

But only a few of these experiences are free of charge. Most games and apps require a one-time purchase, so you need to create your Oculus account and choose a payment method at the same time.

You are free to change your payment method at any time. It’s easy to change your payment method on the Oculus smartphone and desktop app.

Oculus Quest 2: What payment options are available?

Let’s first look at your options before we get into the details of how to add or remove payment methods on Oculus Qest.

You can link your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or credit/debit Visa card. For those who prefer to pay via digital wallets, you can link your PayPal account as a method of payment.

Oculus Quest 2: How to Change Your Phone’s Payment Method

Tap into your mobile app to modify your Oculus Quest payment settings. You can download the most recent version of Oculus App from App store or Google Play. Also, make sure that you are signed in with your Oculus credentials.

Follow these steps to add a payment method.

  1. Tap Menu in the lower-right corner.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Choose “Payment Methods.”
  4. You can choose between “Add credit card or debit card” and “Add PayPal account”.
  5. Complete all required payment information.

Once you have added the new method of payment, you can delete the one that you don’t use anymore. Here’s how:

  1. Tap on the Menu button to return to “Payment Methods”.
  2. Select the payment option that you wish to remove and click “Remove.”

This is it. From that point on, Oculus will begin charging your purchases with the new payment method.

Oculus Quest 2: How to Change Your Computer’s Payment Method

Some people prefer to enter billing information electronically. Oculus payment information can be changed using the Oculus desktop application.

Download the app from the official website, and log in using your username and password. These steps will allow you to change your payment method:

  1. Start the Oculus desktop application on your computer.
  2. From the left-side panel, select “Settings”.
  3. Navigate to “Payment” tab.
  4. Choose from “Credit or Debit Card” or a “PayPal Account”.
  5. Enter valid billing information.

You will need to delete the payment method that you are no longer using. You can simply click the “Remove” button next to your payment method.


Additional FAQs

You can use Oculus to modify the payment method for Gear VR headset.

Yes, you can. You can use the Oculus Android official app to adjust all settings if you own a Gear VR headset that was created by Samsung and Oculus. This means that you can modify the payment methods in the same way Oculus Quest 2 users.

What happens if Oculus refuses to authorize a payment method for you?

Each time you purchase something from the Oculus shop, the request is processed automatically by PayPal or the bank. If the request doesn’t go through it’s most likely due to a lack in funds. To determine the cause of the problem, it is best to contact your bank or payment provider.

Managing Oculus Quest2 Payment Options Successfully

No matter how long you have been using one payment method, you can always switch it. It’s important to be aware of all options for payments as Oculus VR continues to add new games, challenges and experiences.

The update process for replacing your debit card with a card is quick and easy. PayPal is an alternative to entering all payment information manually and linking your cards to Oculus.

Which Oculus payment method do you prefer? Please leave your comments below.




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