How To Bypass OTP On The Internet With Temporary Numbers


Nowadays signing up for online services might be really challenging. Nearly every website or app that is popular asks to verify a mobile phone number during registration. However, at the same time, some platforms don’t accept phone numbers from certain countries or for some reason don’t send the verification code to them making registration impossible as there is often no other option presented. Such a feature as a temporary phone number is a great tool for bypassing OTP on the internet in any possible case.

What is a temporary number?

Many people, before they start using a temporary phone number, do not understand what this function is. Therefore, some of them mistakenly believe that this is a complicated or even illegal matter. But this point of view has nothing to do with reality.

Temporary numbers are not much different from regular mobile numbers. However, unlike them, they are used online via special websites and apps. Those can be accessed via smartphones as well as laptops or PCs. So, it is possible to use such numbers from anywhere in the world. You just need to have any device with a browser and an internet connection.

But this is not the only difference. Temporary phone numbers also provide the user with the highest level of privacy. There is no need to reveal personal information in order to obtain and use them. At the same time, they cannot be used to find out the identity of the person using them. This prevents receiving spam text messages and calls. Moreover, numbers of this kind cannot be traced by any software. There is no need to worry as far as privacy is concerned.

Other advantages

A high level of privacy is just one of the few advantages that temporary numbers offer. There are many more. For example, they are cheap. In most cases, a temporary phone number costs less than $1 making it much cheaper than buying a SIM card from a mobile operator. It is simply the cheapest solution currently available on the market. Other advantages of temporary phone numbers are as follows:

  • Can be used anywhere in the world. You don’t have to go to a store to use it. All that you have to do is use the corresponding website or app.
  • Easy to activate. The entire process of activating a temporary number is done online. So, it is just a few clicks away.
  • Lack of quantitative limitations on use. There is no limit to the number of temporary phone numbers that can be activated per user. They can be used in unlimited numbers regardless of purpose.

In summary, temporary numbers have numerous advantages. They are suitable for completing all the tasks related to registration on online services. This feature allows people to use them in a variety of ways. However, this is quite far from being the most important advantage of temporary phone numbers. But the opportunity to get one in minutes is definitely close to it.

Service to bypass OTP

There are many different services for this purpose today. However, those who want to use them for the first time should choose carefully. There are many platforms on the internet that are fraudulent in different ways. SMS-Man is not like them.

This service has been on the market for over five years and served over 500.000 users during this time. You can use it to get short and long-term temporary numbers for bypassing OTP on all websites and apps that are popular worldwide as well as in certain regions. It works as follows:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Choose a convenient payment method to top up your balance. You can make a bank transfer via MasterCard/VISA or pay through Coinbase, Payeer, Alipay, and some other systems.
  3. Go to the home page and select the mobile operator country for your temporary phone number.
  4. Scroll down the page a bit. There, find the tab for the supported websites and apps and search for the one from which you want to get the OTP.
  5. Click the buy button to get the temporary number.

Everything that is left to do after that is to use the received number as your regular phone number when signing up for the selected platform. This is done in exactly the same way and does not require taking any special steps. You just have to expect a one-time password arrive to SMS-Man instead of your mobile phone as usual.


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