How to buy VPN with bitcoin – Best VPN to hide IP & location


More than a few of those folks would end up in the overlapping centre of a Venn diagram that included users of VPNs and Bitcoin. We both have a passion for technology and value internet privacy. Therefore, several of the top VPN companies accept bitcoin as payment is not surprising.

Bitcoin payment, while not entirely anonymous, enables you to Buy VPN subscription outside the reach of banks and other financial organizations. The cost of affiliation is tied to the amount of money you normally pay, and as a result, it fluctuates in line with the price of bitcoin.

If you exercise caution, you may pay for and join the Buy VPN service without disclosing your identity. Later, more on that.

A VPN can help you overcome these barriers and enable unfettered cryptocurrency trading in nations where bitcoin is prohibited, and exchanges are blocked or watched.

Below, we go into more detail about each VPN service provider on our list, but if you’d like a short rundown, here are our top picks:

  1. Nord VPN Bitcoin is by far our top pick. The veteran provider doesn’t cut corners with digital security and privacy. Don’t record your browsing activities. A vast network of servers. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.
  2. Surf shark Fast and secure, with a no-logs policy, this inexpensive service guarantees your constant protection. It enables Bitcoin payments from users.
  3. Ivacy VPN is a steadfast dedication to its consumers’ security and privacy. No email address is necessary. Several extremely fast servers in more than 90 nations. Additionally effective in China and the Middle East.
  4. Cyber Ghost is a good choice for beginners. Strong privacy protections, quick server speeds, and the capacity to maintain anonymity.
  5. Private VPN Accepting direct Bitcoin payments (no third-party middleman). Best at unblocking stuff that is geo-restricted.

The best VPNs for Bitcoin – At a glance

Here, we’ve analyzed the major features of the best VPN services. Would you rather read thorough reviews? Start with Ivacy VPN, which is the best Bitcoin VPN.

The Best VPNs that accept Bitcoin payments

But be careful while entrusting your data to any VPN. The following factors form the basis of our ranking of the top VPNs for Bitcoin:

  • Accepts payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies; 
  • does not record users’ online activities or IP addresses; 
  • uses strong encryption and leak prevention; 
  • uses shared, dynamic IP addresses; 
  • offers a quick and dependable speed

How to buy VPN with cryptocurrency – Bitcoin

We’ll presume you already have money in your Bitcoin wallet. Below, we’ve provided an example of how to pay for ExpressVPN with Bitcoin.

How to buy VPN with Bitcoin is as follows:

  1. Visit the website of your preferred VPN service and start the enrollment procedure. Locate the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency option when you reach the area for crypto payments.
  2. Each VPN service likely utilizes a third-party payment platform, like BitPay, to process Bitcoin transactions. Either register or continue browsing as a guest. We’ll pick the latter in this instance.
  3. Type in any relevant contact information, such as your email address, and proceed. Depending on the payment method your VPN service uses, this will change.
  4. After that, a payment URL and QR code will be displayed to you. The QR code may be glanced over using the Bitcoin wallet software on your phone, or you can copy and paste the URL.
  5. Verify the transaction details and transmit the bitcoin using your cryptocurrency wallet application. You might have to wait for the blockchain to verify your transaction. Your transaction costs and the number of times the transaction must be validated in succeeding blocks will affect how long it takes.
  6. After the money has been made, carry on with the normal signup process.

Remember that you’ll need extra security measures if you use Bitcoin to get a VPN to maintain your anonymity. Among them include using a fake email address to sign up and concealing your IP address and other identifying information on the VPN’s website.

How to anonymously buy VPN subscription

The idea that bitcoin is unidentified is a prevalent one. The blockchain, a digital public log of all cryptocurrency transactions on the bitcoin network, keeps track of every transaction’s sender, receiver, and amount. Nonetheless, whether you use a VPN or not, the blockchain will store the wallet addresses of the sender and receiver as well as the amount of bitcoin transmitted. That implies that the Buy VPN services you bought with bitcoin can still be linked to you.

However, just the wallet addresses associated with each transaction are saved, and there is no guarantee that a wallet’s owner is who they claim to be. Many people may find this fictitious anonymity sufficient, but if you truly want to use bitcoin anonymously for something like a VPN subscription, be prepared for a few extra processes and costs.

See our tutorial on mixing bitcoin if you wish to use your cryptocurrency anonymously. We describe how to create burner email accounts on Mailinator, utilize Tor Browser to conceal your IP address, and eventually tumble bitcoin to conceal its source.


Since Bitcoin transaction fees are as erratic as the price of bitcoin, the price may have changed by the time you read this. Despite this, the average charge is currently $2, which is close to the lowest it has been in a very long time as of the writing of this article at the end of 2022. Historically, fees have exceeded $60 on average.

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