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How to buy international calls voice bundles through Safaricom.

First, it is possible to make international calls from Kenya without paying a lot. Safaricom doesn’t have the best international calling rates but it does offer voice packages that can be used to lower international call costs.

How to buy international voice bundles using the Safaricom network

Press *100# or *200# to make a call.

Next, choose Products & Services to send.

Select International Calling Bundles in the drop-down menu.

The following options are available to you:

  • 6 minutes at Ksh 19. Valid for 24 hours
  • 40 minutes at Ksh 99 valid 7 days
  • 170 minutes valid for 30 days at Kshs399

How do I check the voice bundle left for international calls

You can call *100# or *200# to get more information.

You can also text “Balance”, to 144.

Voice packages cannot be activated after the expiration date. A new bundle must be purchased before the expiration date. The old one can then be reactivated or rolled over for a different period.




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