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How to burn an MP3 CD using Windows Media Player 12

You can store multiple albums on one MP3-CD for hours of uninterrupted digital music

What to Know

  • Go to Boot and set the burn mode to Copy. Drag MP3 files to Burn list. Select to start burning from a blank CD-RW or CD-RW.
  • You can change the burn mode by selecting Burn options from the drop-down menu. Choose Data DVD. The mode is changed to Data disk.
  • To erase data from a disc, right-click the drive letter associated with the optical disk and choose Erase disc.

You can make MP3 CDs with hours of music if your computer has a CD/RW drive. This is how to burn MP3s onto a CD data disk in Windows Media Player 12.

How to burn an MP3 CD using Windows Media Player

These steps will help you burn audio CDs using Windows Media Player

  1. Start Windows Media Player. Select the Burn tab in the upper-right corner.

  2. Set the burn mode Data disk. It is not ready if it says audio CD. Select the Burn options menu in the upper right corner. Choose Data DVD. You should set the mode to Data disk.

  3. In the left pane, locate the MP3 files that you wish to copy to the CD.
  4. Drag and drop single files, complete playlists, playlists or blocks of music into the Burn liston WMP’s right side.
    When selecting multiple tracks, do not hold down the Ctrlkey.
  5. In the optical drive, insert a blank CDR or rewritable disk (CD-RW).
    To erase all data on your optical disc, right-click on the drive letter from the left panel and select Erase disc.
  6. Select and start burning in the right panel. Wait for the process to finish.

Some CD players cannot read data discs. To find out if you can play MP3 CDs, check the documentation of your sound system.



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