How does Server Wala Linux VPS India Benefit Your E-Commerce Business?


An eCommerce business targets to build a solid customer base in order to obtain higher conversion rates. The foremost step required in this direction is to seek a dependable & cost-effective web hosting solution. 

With the right web hosting solution, you get access to the needed web hosting services & privileges to host & advance your business website successfully. 

Therefore, we have come up with this guide that highlights one such web hosting solution – Server Wala’s Linux VPS India

Before you get to know the reliability of the Server Wala data center & its best VPS India, let’s discuss the significance & benefits of opting for Linux virtual private server web hosting. 

About Linux VPS India 

A virtual private server is one of the types of the web hosting server. It operates on the principle of virtualization technology. A ‘Hypervisor’ virtual software is put into use to partition a central physical server into various virtual spaces. Every virtual space acts as a virtual private server and does not interfere with each other’s web hosting environment. 

Further, every VPS in India comes with the required dedicated web resources and can not take away each other’s resources in any case. They work autonomously & provide isolated web hosting platforms to host an eCommerce business. 

Moreover, when you run Linux operating system at the base of your VPS India, it is called Linux VPS hosting. Linux OS additionally brings many web hosting benefits & excellent features to host your business website efficiently. 

Mentioned below listed are some of the amazing advantages you receive with the Linux virtual private server hosting- 

Highly Accessible Data Web Resources

With the best VPS hosting India, your business website obtains needed dedicated web resources that are not supposed to get shared. You can also scale them as per your eCommerce business needs.

Hosting Flexibility

You get the authority to customize, configure, and administer your virtual private server as you desire. You can even acquire root access level control of your VPS from your web host. 

Robust Data Security

The cheap VPS India provides independent as well as the isolated web hosting platform. This helps you to protect your eCommerce website from security threats & any unauthorized access. 

Ways to Select Best Linux VPS Hosting India

In order to acquire the aptest web hosting plan of VPS Server India for your eCommerce business, you must take into consideration the following points- 

  • You must seek a reliable as well as a top-notch web host that can render the right web hosting services & facilities with a robust virtual private server. 
  • You must acquire 24/7 technical & customer support service via experts. 
  • You must get access to unlimited bandwidth for the smooth running of your eCommerce business.
  • Your India VPS hosting plan must come with scalable web resources & progressive security features. 
  • Your business website must acquire a dedicated IP address to uniquely establish its identity on the Internet. 
  • Your web host must ensure the maximum uptime network for your eCommerce business. 

How does Server Wala Linux VPS India Benefits Your E-Commerce Business?

Server Wala data center is one such web host that enables you to meet all the factors discussed in the previous section. It is a highly influential & award-winning data center around the globe. It is famous for rendering the Indian VPS hosting plans at the cheapest cost pricing. 

Further, with all Server Wala’s Linux virtual private server web hosting plans, you get the support of enterprise-grade infrastructure with resilient web technologies. The data center helps you accommodate all the necessities of your business website users. 

Moreover, with the support of top-tier equipment & advanced hardware tools, your business website gets the ability to deliver seamless performance. 

Why choose Server Wala Linux VPS Hosting over other providers in India?


The reason behind picking Serverwala’s Linux VPS Hosting in India over other web hosts’ is conveyed through the below hosting features that you get at Serverwala data center-

100% SSD Data Storage

The data center provides 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage with all the VPS Server India plans. This enables you to enable your business website to operate at the fastest speed.

Service Level Agreement 

You also receive with service level agreement that guarantees a 99.90% uptime network with a free SSL certificate.

Control Panel Options

You get access to a user-friendly & effective control panel as per the type of operating system you wish to run on your VPS India. 

Cutting-edge Security Features

The data center also assures best-in-class data security features with virtual private server hosting, such as DDoS protection, malware scan, etc. 


With the Linux VPS India, you get the opportunity to drop every restriction one faces under shared server web hosting. At the same time, it also provides you with the high-grade hosting benefits of dedicated server web hosting. You get high customizability, powerful data security, flexible hosting feautures, and resource scalability for your eCommerce business.

Further, at the Server Wala Cloud Data Center, you can obtain any of the unmanaged or fully managed web hosting services with the cheap VPS Hosting India. Your choice must depend on whether you have the time as well as proficiency to run & manage your virtual private server by yourself. 

Also, you can browse right away the detailed website of the data center to acquire more knowledge about the leading yet cheapest virtual private server web hosting plans-

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