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How can you fix your Android phone or tablet that won’t turn on? Six Ways to Fix Your Android Phone or Tablet

These proven tips will help you get your Android tablet or phone back on track if it won’t turn off.

The worst thing for smartphone owners is when they try to turn on their phone but nothing happens. Your phone won’t start. The black screen without any sign of life is a sign that your phone is in trouble.

What could be causing your Android tablet or phone to not turn on? Let’s take a look at possible causes and solutions.

1. Charging issues

As is often the case, the obvious cause is often the right one.

If your phone has not been showing any signs of malfunctioning before, it could be due to a low battery. This is often due to charging problems.

Make sure to check your connections

First, make sure you check the obvious. Check that you have charged your phone regularly. Is the charger partially disconnected from the wall socket? Is the power socket on?

Dirt and dust

Next, make sure there is no dirt, dust, or any other debris clogging either the USB port of your charging cable, or your phone’s charging ports.

The connections are fragile. A can of compressed air is the best way to clean ports.

Troubleshoot your Cable

USB charging cables can malfunction at will. It is possible to test the integrity of your USB charging cable by connecting it to another device and checking if it works.

If you are interested in exploring other options, we have covered the top charging cables for Android.


2. Perform a Power Cycle

All of us have experienced a frozen phone. The screen freezes, and all buttons stop working. Did you know that a phone can also freeze when it is powered off?

One solution to an Android phone that won’t turn off is to run a power cycle. It’s easy to remove a battery from an old device with a removable battery. After waiting for a few seconds, you can put it back in.

For modern phones that do not have removable batteries, hold down the power button and press it for several seconds. You might need to hold the device down for between 10-30 seconds, depending on which manufacturer you have.

3. Make sure you have a working battery

If your phone won’t charge or turn on, but you’re confident that the charging equipment works and a power cycle hasn’t helped, then it’s time for you to check your battery. This could be why your phone won’t turn on.

After a few years, most phone and tablet battery quality begins to decline. They will eventually die completely. The battery can also be irreparably damaged by other types of damage. A battery can be rendered useless by liquids, falls on hard surfaces and extreme temperatures.

Verify that the battery is receiving power

Once you have connected your tablet or phone to the charger, wait one minute before checking if the battery icon appears on your screen.

If it does, the battery is good and you can continue with the next steps. You might also see a small red or other color light flashing. It means that your battery isn’t able to display or turn on any content. Allow it to charge for 30 minutes and then you can try again.

Are you unable to see the battery icon or a lamp? This could indicate that your battery needs to be replaced.

Amazon has a good selection of replacement batteries for phones with removable batteries. You can either remove your phone from its case and replace the battery yourself, or you can take it to a specialist shop.

You could void your warranty if you attempt to change the battery by yourself. Follow our guide to determine the state of your Android battery .

4. Take a look at the Screen

Your phone may be turned on automatically without your knowledge. Broken screens can make it appear that your phone isn’t powered on.

It’s easy to determine if your screen is the problem. To ensure that your phone is powered up, hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Wait at least 2 minutes for the boot process to complete.

You can now call from another phone. Your screen may be to blame if the phone rings. You should keep on going if the phone doesn’t ring.

You can replace the screen by yourself sometimes, but this will again void your warranty.

5. To troubleshoot your computer

You might be able force your device to start if it is still not booting. Google offers a complicated series of steps you can follow. Below are some simplified versions:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your phone and computer.
  2. It should be charged for 15 minutes.
  3. Disconnect the cable (but not the computer) from your device.
  4. After disconnecting the cable, reconnect it within 10 seconds.
  5. You can charge your device for another 30 minutes.
  6. For five seconds, press and hold the Power button.
  7. Tap to restart.
  8. You can see if you do not see it. Hold the power button for 30 seconds more.

6. Reset Your Android Device

Your device might turn on but not make it to the home screen. It could be a corrupted update or a custom firmware. You can reset your device in this instance.

Warning! Resetting your tablet or phone will erase all data. Make regular backups of all your Android data .

Follow these steps to reset your Android phone with Recovery Mode

  1. Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds, until the Android logo appears on the screen. This key combination may vary with different manufacturers.
  2. To navigate to recovery mode, use the volume up and volume down keys.
  3. Click the Power icon.
  4. To select Wipe data/Factory reset, use the Volume keys and then press the Power buttons.
  5. Next, click the Yes – Erase all Data button.

It will take several minutes for the reset process to be completed.

Your Android device might be broken

If you have tried everything, it is possible that your current phone has failed. Some phones are made for rugged or dirty environments. These devices may be the best option if you are constantly encountering clogged ports.



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