How a Bat Valve Works for Bat Removal 


If you have bats in your home, you must remove them to avoid exposure to parasites and illnesses. Nonetheless, it must be done responsibly. A bat valve can effectively keep bats out of your home, but it must be used correctly. Contact a professional today for professional help with bat removal in Frederick, MD

Why do bats come into your home in the first place? 

Bats hunt at night and fall asleep during the day because they are nocturnal animals. Sunshine interferes with their capacity to sleep, just as it would interfere with their ability to sleep if a light shone on their face. As a result, bats seek out dark spots to roost. They also require warm areas to hibernate and raise their offspring. An unfinished attic usually meets both criteria. When your roof was first built, the joints and seams most likely fit together properly. However, they may have separated over time, leaving gaps and holes. Bats may fit through very small holes, such as a soffit, a ridge vent, or a roof corner. They may begin roosting in your attic once inside. 

What are bat valves, and how do they work? 

A bat valve uses the fact that once bats have entered your attic, they invariably enter and exit through the same opening when they leave at night to look for food. The valve is put over the entrance through which the bats enter and exit. It appears like a long, slender tube. A bat can escape by burrowing inside and hurrying down to exit. Nevertheless, the valve has a one-way gate inside it, so when the bat returns from its hunt, it cannot enter your attic the same way it left. 

Can you buy and install a bat valve on your own? 

The answer is yes. To get rid of bats in your attic, buy your bat valve and install it yourself. Nevertheless, this is not a smart approach for several reasons. The bat population is declining for various reasons, including loss of habitat and disease. The government has put in place rules to safeguard bats. 

You cannot, for example, disturb a bat when it is hibernating, nor can you do any bat removal while bats are reproducing. Bat infants are typically born in the middle of summer and rely on their mothers for a few months. If a bat valve is installed while infants are in the roost, the mothers cannot return to feed and care for them. Without their mother, the baby bats will perish, which will not only get you in legal trouble but also leave you with the problem of dead bats in your attic. 

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