Hostinger Review: Are you getting more for your dollar?


Hostinger was a small player in the market for web hosting a few decades ago. Hostinger is now a dominant player in the industry and has taken attention from other sharks. Hostinger offers great prices and solid performance, along with an easy-to-use interface. This is a great product that hosts love.

If you want to be prominent in a highly-competitive market such as web hosting, then you need to be a great Hostinger. You can also be very loud. Hostinger, I think, is both.

This web hosting service is at the lowest price, at $2 per monthly, and it does not require any special occasions. Hostinger plans include plenty of storage and bandwidth. Hostinger plans also come with features like a free SSL certificate and automatic updates. Its speed, performance, and reliability make it a strong competitor in this industry.

Although it sounds too good to be true it is supported by solid facts. This Hostinger review contains everything I know. The ease-of use, performance, security and customer support were all tested. I also created a detailed pricing breakdown.

You will find the reading quite fascinating. If you’re not in a hurry you can skip to the end.

Reseller hosting plans and pricing

Hostinger’s most preferred and most cost-effective option is shared web hosting. The monthly cost starts at $2.5 Cloud hosting and virtual private server are available, as well as affordable WordPress plans.

Whatever stage you’re at in your project, there is an option to suit it.

Most people start with shared hosting. It is important to note that both SSL plans offer a free domain registration. Hostinger’s customized domain renewals will eventually catch up. They are very affordable at only $10.99/year.

Hostinger is transparent and generous with server resources. Hostinger has a significantly higher storage limit than competitors who hide behind unlimited buzzwords. Unlimited email accounts are not possible. Each plan allows you up to 100 accounts per site.

But, not all things can be equally valuable.

My personal opinion is that the 2 options I have are well worth it.

  1. Premium is for people who are just starting out. You receive a lot of resources such as domain registrations, SSL certificates and email accounts.
  2. Business is the best option. Resources are more valuable than Premium, and you get daily backups.
  3. Hostinger is the most affordable in pricing. The renewal price and the intro price must be considered. The money-back promise. I am sure most of you will not bother reading the terms and conditions. So I did it.
    Here are some facts:

    • Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the host for a period of 30 days
    • If you pay in cryptocurrency, your purchase is non-refundable.
    • Additional services like G Suite, domain privacy protection, and SEO toolkit can’t be refunded.
    • Top-level domains with country code (e.g. can’t be refunded.
  4. It’s a common set but still useful.
    Hostinger is the best available option. When it becomes available, I will test it. Hostinger provides both a basic, high-value plan as well as more advanced options.
    Hosting management – Is it easy to use?
    Hostinger is easy to use, as it was made for beginners. Hostinger’s setup wizards make it easy to automate the process. The control panel is functional and simple, but it has a great design.
    Each user must go through this window.
    What does Hostinger hPanel do?
    Hostinger chose to use custom control panels, even though Plesk is still the most used. It’s called hPanel. It’s easy to navigate.
    This one is definitely influenced by the ones that came before it. If you have been using cPanel previously, this upgrade should not pose a problem. Be assured that first-time users are not to be intimidated – each tool comes equipped with an explanation.
    Hostinger seems to be very committed to its control panels, as I have observed. Hostinger is constantly updating hPanel so it’s easier and more user friendly. It is normal for the hPanel to change during your use.
    hPanel’s main duties include accessing the file manager, installing apps and checking databases. It also adds domains to email account accounts.
    Everything is laid out in a clear and concise manner. There are auto-installers available for Joomla, WordPress, and other content management systems under the category Website. It is possible to import/migrate your website.

    Hostinger hPanel – Website management
    hPanel may be slow. It can be irritatingly slow.
    Everything loads quickly so you’ll be able to navigate it easily. Each tool will load in a matter of minutes. The next day it could take up to 10 seconds. Although it is a small inconvenience, it has never caused any problems for me.
    Overall, hPanel has the ability to manage your site. It has all the functionality you need and is very fast.
    Is it easy to install WordPress?
    Hostinger makes it easy and simple to install WordPress. Hostinger makes it simple to install WordPress. You just need to find the WordPress icon (it’ll be the first) using the One-Click installation tool. It may not be needed. WordPress installation happens automatically when you create your hosting account.
    WordPress can be used to create a second website without the need for initial setup. You will see the installation window.
    Complete the form with your username and password.
    Hostinger chooses the most current version of WordPress to create a new database. These settings are easily modified if needed. These settings can be modified if necessary.
    Hostinger adds an administration area to WordPress once it has been installed. It can be accessed via the menu at the left ( WordPress > Dashboard), as well as returning to the main control panel window.
    This management area offers a range of tools that can be used to manage your new website.

    • Force HTTPs allows you to verify if SSL is enabled and, if yes, how you can activate it.
    • You can Flush Cache if there have been any site changes that aren’t showing up.
    • Maintenance mode renders your site unavailable to others. It’s a useful tool when you build websites.
    • Edit Website lets you gain access to the WordPress Admin Panel.

WordPress plugins can be managed with other tools.

Even though it’s a minor detail, it greatly improves the user experience. Hostinger is the best WordPress hosting. What is the other stuff in hPanel?

Hostinger allows you to add an address.

Hostinger will help you set up a professional-looking email account. Hostinger offers unlimited mailboxes to all plans.

Hostinger’s webmail services are very useful. It offers SpamAssassin protection, allows you to set up email forwarding and autoresponders.

No cost website migration

Hostinger offers website migration for free. Ask a support agent to migrate your website quickly and easily. There is no information.

I would visit the support desk every time I needed to transfer. Because the support agent usually handles transfers, I could easily follow the steps.

Finally, I noticed some new changes. Now you can request your free website transfer via the dashboard, without having to contact anyone.

Hostinger’s website has no information. You can request it if there are any questions.

To find the request, click the icon for your username in your account.

You will need to enter your hosting account password. This inconvenience is temporary, as you’ll likely cancel your hosting account soon after migrating. For each account, you should change the password. Email, Twitter, and bank accounts all included.

Hostinger may not be able to boast about their free website migration service, but it does offer one. Hostinger offers free website migrations if you’re afraid to move to another provider.

Hostinger is easy to use. It is easy to use and has a modern interface. The interface is simple to use and allows you to quickly access the various tools.

Hostinger delivers fast results

Hostinger is a shining example of web hosting performance. Hostinger is worth every penny regardless of the price. The host is reliable, fast, and can handle high traffic, even with low plans.

To determine if this provider would not flinch, I conducted three types of tests.

Hosting server uptime, response times

It was a simple uptime monitoring tool that I created and then left running for two years. This was my first test. Hostinger experienced no outages and maintained an amazing 100% uptime.

It is difficult to maintain 100% uptime long-term. Even the most expensive providers can not guarantee 100% uptime. Server maintenance will always be necessary. The downtime may be as short as 1 to 2 seconds. Hostinger has never experienced server problems and is very reliable. Hostinger offers a 99.9% guarantee of uptime.

It also monitors and draws an average response time. This was 511ms. This is a fair estimate of the average response speed for shared hosting. It takes slightly over 600ms. Hostinger is at its top.

Hostinger speed

Next, I tested the loading times of websites from different locations. Hostinger was the winner of this test.

Because my website is hosted at the US Data Center, it offers the best performance. The largest contentful paint was loaded in only 479ms. Loading takes longer the further you travel. European visitors will wait approximately 1.3 seconds for the website to load. Visitors from India may wait up to 1.7 seconds.

There are many numbers. What does it all mean?

Google ranks pages based on metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint. Lower scores will result in a higher score. If it is below 2.5 seconds, you’ll be fine.

Hostinger is a genius. 479ms is the highest score that I have ever received, even though testing was done from India.

What happens if I try a fully-built website to see if it works?

LCP is increased by a fully loaded website to 849ms. Search engines however only consider LCP when the site has been loaded. This is the time when the user can comment, “Oh that was fast!” Hostinger will allow you this. They will because there is no delay, and the loading time takes only 936ms. A site with a quick loading time could lower its bounce rate. Hostinger is your best choice for web hosting.

Hostinger stress testing

I have already sent 50 people through my test site. This is quite an impressive number. You can imagine your website having 50 visitors each minute. If one visitor leaves, another will join. This could quickly lead to tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

Hostinger did a fantastic job.

This graph is vital because it shows two important things: the blue lines, which represent server response times, and the gray line which indicates how many visitors are visiting the website.

No matter how many users were visiting the site, the response times were the same. Hostinger didn’t slow down except for a few small bumps later. It was only 1 visitor that slowed it down.

Hostinger A++ passes all my tests. It is ranked amongst the most reliable and fastest web hosting providers. This provider is reliable and fast enough for large traffic loads.

Hosting is quick!

For your site to work smoothly, it is important that your host be responsive. Hostinger has done a fantastic job in this area. It takes both simple and more advanced performance-enhancing measures.

It is incredible to me that a host so inexpensive can offer performance results comparable to hosts like SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and others.

Hostinger is fast. So what are you doing now?

Battling latency

A website that is further from the visitor will take longer to load. It will take longer to get a website loaded if it is further from the Wi Fi router. Hostinger solves the problem by allowing users to select from 7 server locations around the globe – USA, UK, Netherlands and Lithuania.

Technology should always be up to date

Hostinger is committed to keeping its technology current. This includes SSD drives, the most up-to-date PHP versions, and fast LiteSpeed Web server. Hostinger will continue to follow best practices whenever new technology is available.

  • SSD storage is a well-known technology. Many web hosting companies made the quick switch to SSD storage, replacing slower HDD drives. Hostinger was one the first to make this switch.
  • Hostinger supports PHP 8. Each new PHP version can improve your website’s speed a bit. Hostinger supports PHP 8. Hostinger supports PHP 8.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server is designed to speed up websites. It is preconfigured with a caching engine that will be integrated into every WordPress website. This should be enabled in the WP-Admin panel.

WordPress optimization

Hostinger offers the most up-to-date technology and optimizations for WordPress websites. Hostinger checks every box when optimizing WordPress.

  • Download the most recent PHP version.
  • There are two versions of HTTP/2 (Quic).
  • IPv6 can be enabled
  • Advanced caching can be done.

These things are easy to do automatically. The WordPress management area allows you to turn off the cache.

LiteSpeed comes with a WordPress plugin. It can be used to configure website cache settings and more advanced optimization. This plugin can automatically compress images and optimize website code.

Hostinger’s WordPress version already contains the plugin. Simply visit Hostinger’s WordPress version to install the plugin.

Hostinger does not seem to have any weaknesses in terms of performance. Hostinger’s performance review results are outstanding because of the technology used.

Is Hostinger secure?

Hostinger has a range of security options and features. However, they are less robust than other companies. Hostinger’s servers are managed by security professionals. You and your visitors will be protected with SSL. Your plan may allow you to set up 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Let’s get down to the point.

  • Server security All servers are monitored 24 hours per day. They are equipped with security modules, such as mod_security and PHP open_basedir. Data centers take care of high redundancy. Data centers are not the weakest link.
  • Hostinger plans include a free SSL certificate. It was easy to install during my initial website creation. This feature encrypts all data transmitted to and from your server. It prevents third parties from stealing it. It is also a Google ranking indicator, so there’s no reason to disable SSL.
  • DDoS protection- There are several layers of protection against DDoS attacks. Wanguard creates firewall rules and analyses traffic. Each server also includes Bitninja firewalls and Imunify360 web application firewalls. Cloudflare protection is also available from Hostinger. You can also set it up by yourself. Cloudflare provides protection against DDoS attacks through the distribution of content to various servers around the globe and masking IP addresses.
  • You can back up your website weekly or daily. Sometimes your website is working flawlessly, while other times it crashes because of major errors. Go to the backup manager to rollback any version of your website which is still functioning. Time-spinner, no less. All plans offer weekly backups. Users of the Business plan get daily backups.
  • 2FA – Even if you have lost your password, it will not prevent anyone from signing in. It is no longer enough to have a password. To confirm your password via code, you will also need confirmation via code. This code is only available via an application.

Hostinger provides security essentials as part of all its packages. Even though it might not seem like much, it will help protect your site against most vulnerabilities. Hostinger ranks among the top-3 most secure hosts on our list due to its extensive range of tools.

Can Hostinger’s support help me?

Hostinger, as any other hosting company offers many options for customer support. Hostinger offers live chat, ticketing system and email support. They also have a vast knowledge base. Phone support is not provided.

When it comes to customer support, there are several things that are crucial:

  • Is customer service available at all times?
  • They will quickly respond
  • Do they have the ability to help me?

TL-DR Hostinger can meet all your requirements. It works most of the time. For more details, let’s continue.

You should have some constructive criticism.

Are you still referring to the 2020 pandemics? It began in spring. Hostinger wasn’t ready. Hostinger was not available. The live chat was unavailable. Email was the last option. This can be slow. Chat works well, but wait times can be longer than usual.

Who could have imagined such a boom for online industries.

Was chat and work a positive experience for you?

I reached out to Hostinger support multiple times during my review. To request clarifications and guidance. In an average 24 hour period, I receive my first response.

This can take quite some time. Bluehost and GoDaddy respond usually quickly. This is an issue. However, all interactions were professional.

All the agents that I spoke to were very knowledgeable, and they responded to my questions with grace. Here, I wanted to learn more about the server’s location.

The agent gave me a complete list and explained why I couldn’t choose from any of them. He also offered to transfer my data. I have it now, even though I didn’t ask. Plus, it’s free.

I thought the chat was great and gave it my highest rating. Would you rate it excellent? The live chat interface.

You have the option of going back to previous chats to send screenshots or animated gifs. You can leave the chat and return later. It is extremely convenient. A++.

Here’s the cherry: Hostinger customer support agents are not robotic chatbots that respond as if talking to bored chatbots. No sir. They are very friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

It is unlikely that you will get the answers you want. It’s possible to have a pleasant discussion. For the sake of Christ, emoticons are available.

This is not something you want. It’s nice.

Do you think I forgot to mention the absence of phone service in my area? Well… Yeah. Yes.

It’s so convenient to chat live, that I don’t think you should need to call anyone. Perhaps this is my millennial mind. I don’t see why anyone would contact me.

Knowledge base

Hostinger has a huge knowledge base. Hostinger has an extensive knowledge base. It’s quite extensive. This is a wonderful resource, especially for newbies. You can also find tutorials.

The knowledge base is updated as often as possible, so far as I know. Daily, even.

Hostinger has tutorials and articles that cover web hosting basics like how to market your website or how to install software. Many troubleshooting guides are available to assist with common issues such as email and control panel problems.

Hostinger’s customer service team is outstanding. Hostinger’s customer service representatives are helpful and friendly. They will answer your questions. You can browse through lots of useful information while you wait, even though the wait time may be long.

Hostinger for business

Cheap is bad for business. Not so quickly. Hostinger is a cheap business web hosting provider with many tools and plans.

No cost domains or site builder

The domain name, SSL certificate and email account are essential business tools. You don’t need any previous experience to build a website.

Hostinger offers both.

Premium shared hosting plans include a free domain registration as well as 100 email accounts. All plans include SSL.

The Premium plan is best for small businesses. It costs only $2.99 per month and comes with all the features you need.

There are many TLDs available for free (Top-Level Domains),,.net,.xyz,.online

Another topic is building a website. Hostinger offers another option, Zyro website builders. WordPress is the most widely used.

It’s easier to launch websites with website builders. All elements of design can be found easily and you can arrange them using a visual editor. Programming skills are not necessary.

Zyro is the Hostinger website design builder.

  • Select from over 130+ templates. Or let an AI builder create your website.
  • Drag-and drop functionality is the foundation of the editor.
  • All blog features, email services, tools, and SEO are included.
  • Even the most expensive plans offer a free domain and SSL.
  • Prices start at $2.69/mo. Regular plans cost $2.69/mo. eCommerce plans cost $3.59/mo.
  • Hostinger’s website building software is also reviewed.

Zyro might be the best option if WordPress is unfamiliar to you.

Hostinger’s website builders and free domains are great additions for business websites. Hostinger’s website builder is great for business websites.

Hostinger WordPress hosting overview

Hostinger offers WordPress hosting plans which are great for small business websites. These plans have more features than shared hosting, but are very similar to shared hosting. Prices start at $1.99/mo.

Hostinger WordPress hosting plans offer email accounts, SSL and WP CLI integration. They also include WordPress-specific features, such as WordPress dashboard management with caching.

Pre-installed Jetpack, WordPress multisite, Starter and Starter plans start at $3.99/mo. Business ($6.99/mo), includes Cloudflare CDN as well as daily backups. Jetpack – WordPress Pro can be purchased at $111.59/mo Jetpack Personal License also included at no additional cost.

WordPress hosting plans can be confusing and I always advise people to steer clear of them. They are very similar to regular shared hosting. Hostinger’s example shows the differences in pricing as well as features. Hostinger offers several hosting options. You should compare prices and check for any discounts or other special terms.

Hostinger Cloud hosting overview

Cloud hosting is the most widely used business hosting option. It’s cost-effective, highly customizable, and extremely powerful. Pretty good Hostinger Cloud hosting packages start at $9.99/mo.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting offers serious business-oriented features such as a free domain and email, SSL and daily backups.

These resources can range from 3GB RAM with 2 CPU cores up to 12GB RAM and 600GB storage to as high as 12GB RAM with 6 CPU cores and 300GB of storage.

This is a good option for anyone who has large online shops or membership sites. You can provide additional security and dedicated resources to assist them.

Hostinger’s Cloud plans were great for my online store. The past year has been without any issues. It is also a personal recommendation.

Hostinger VPS hosting overview

VPS Hosting is the best for advanced users. Hostinger’s VPS plans start at $2.49/mo.

Hostinger provides semi-managed VPS hosting. Hostinger VPS hosting comes semi-managed. Hostinger VPS hosting comes with a custom control panel. Full root rights are available. You can access the script and OS installers, reboot the server and manage permissions via a visual interface. Root access is also available to allow you to modify the server directly from the backend. Hostinger is responsible for server maintenance and launch. Although it’s not the most user-friendly platform, it is still possible to get started if one is eager to learn.

VPS resources include 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, 8 CPUs, 9GB RAM, 160GB storage. This depends on how many slices you need.

Resources are assigned to your account even though they may be shared. You can change it to suit your needs.

VPS hosting, which has its own server resources, is the best and most cost-effective method to host an application or website.

Hostinger has all the features you need for business hosting. Hostinger has all-inclusive packages that make it simple to create a website. They also offer scalable options to suit every budget.

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