Hisashi Ouchi Body: Real Photos Of Japanese Nuclear Plant Worker Kept Alive Melted for 83 Days


It is believed that the body of Hisashi Ouchi was afflicted with numerous radiation burns. The actual photos are easily accessible on Reddit.

Hisashi Ouchi is one of the three Tokaimura nuclear plant employees who suffered serious injuries during the accident on September 30, 1999.

The radiation incident occurred during the time that Ouchi received the highest dose of radiation when compared to two other employees who had 17 Sv. This is due to his close nearness. Shinohara was awarded the sum of 10 Sv as well as Yokokawa received 3 Sv.

The radiation of more than 10 Sv is thought to be lethal when exposed to it. Learn what happened to the guy who survived as a guinea foal.

Hisashi Ouchi was a lab technician at the Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The victim and eventually the cause in the Tokaimura nuclear disaster The man who revived him could have received the most powerful dose of radiation that a human has ever experienced. pic.twitter.com/foOMlCudIg

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Hisashi Ouchi Body Real Photos On Reddit, Why Was He Kept Alive?

Hisashi Ouchi’s body from Hisashi Ouchi in the University of Tokyo Hospital can be seen on Reddit. The hospital kept him alive to study reasons.

As he was undergoing treatment, the patient claimed that he could not endure this way of life. He made this claim a day after being admitted at The University of Tokyo Hospital in the very first week.

But the treatment he received continued for an indefinite time. Ouchi’s body, which appeared to be dead, suffered three heart attacks in the space of an hour on day 59 during his stay in hospital.

The hospital’s doctors prolonged the suffering time by resuscitating him in the wake of every heart attack. The technician passed away from multiple organ failure on the 83rd morning following his hospitalization.

They kept a husk of a person alive over 83 consecutive days, calling the morality of their actions into question. The doctors who treated Ouchi did exactly the opposite from what they’d been trained to practice by maintaining Ouchi alive for an 83-day period.

In the end, Ouchi’s story has been etched in the history books as a savage act only for the motive of research.

Hisashi Ouchi Walking Ghost Phase Story

Hisashi Ouchi was alive in spite of his wishes. Following the accident that left the man in a state of death, He was admitted to the University of Tokyo Hospital with radiation burns throughout his body, a deficient white blood cell count, and severe internal organ damage.

He could’ve died in a matter of minutes had it not been for the hospital personnel who intervened. In his first week in the hospital, the patient was intensive care, receiving modern-day cancer treatments to boost the number of white blood cells in his.

In addition, he received multiple skin grafts and blood transfusions.

He was not willing to live because of the extreme pain. “I cannot take it any longer,” he informed the doctors after a two-week period of care. “I don’t have the status of an experimental guinea pig. “

But, the treatment continued until he died. This is a real horror story.

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