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Here are the Top 11 Android Secret Security Codes That You Must Know

Are you looking for the best Android hacks and secret codes? These are the best USSD codes for your smartphone’s privacy and security.

Android, which powers more than 2.5 billion smartphones worldwide, is the most used mobile operating system. You might be familiar with USSD codes if you have been using Android for some time.

USSD codes are also known as secret codes. These codes are used to unlock hidden actions on your smartphone. You can access hidden features on your smartphone using unstructured supplementary service data (USSD).

You must enter any Android security code directly into the dialer to run it. If the code is entered correctly, it will automatically return a response. Otherwise, you may need to press Dial. What are the most popular Android security codes? What do “secret codes” do?

1. *2767*3855# (Wipe Your Device, Reinstall Firmware)

This is one of most powerful Android security codes you can use to quickly wipe your phone’s data. It’s a factory reset. Simply add this code to your dialer, run it, and your phone will effectively wipe all of your data.

This code goes one step further and reinstalls firmware, so it will be as good software-wise.

Use this only in an emergency. This is a hard reset.

2. *#*#7780 #*#*

This is an alternative to a hard reset. This code works in the same way as a factory reset. It will delete all applications and data from your device. It will then return your device to its original factory state.

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This is the best choice if you don’t want the hassle of resetting the firmware and reinstalling it, but still want to delete any personal data and apps from your device. This is a great option for privacy, especially if you are selling your phone.

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3. *#06# (Check your Device’s IMEI).

This code is also important and can be used to verify that the device’s IMEI matches the one on the box. The IMEI is printed on most modern smartphones, but you can verify it using this code.

Open the dialer and enter the code. It will return the IMEI. This will also return the serial number of your Samsung Android device if you are doing this. This is especially important for security reasons, especially if the device is pre-owned.

4. *#0*# (Activate general test mode)

Is your Android phone not functioning properly? It’s understandable to be suspicious that a third party might have affected your Android phone. This code will be displayed on your Android device and will show you a variety of features including:

  • Touch testing.
  • Front cam.
  • LED.
  • Sub key.
  • Barcode emulator
  • Device version.
  • RGB testing
  • Test grip sensor.

This mode can be used to test specific features if you suspect that there has been root-level tampering. Each module can be independently tested, regardless of its version or the front cam.

5. *#*#232338 #*#* Displays the MAC Address

Every device is assigned a unique Media Access Control address (also known as the MAC Address). It is important because it can be used for unique identification of a computer when it is connected to a network.

You can verify that the device is not MAC spoofing by looking at the MAC address.

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6. *#*#4986*2650468 #*#*

This code is crucial as it returns key information about the device’s firmware information. This code returns the firmware information PDA, phone and hardware as well as the RF call or manufacturing date. This code can be used to check the firmware information if you suspect that someone has altered the firmware.

7. *#*#7594 #*#*

This code can be used to modify the behavior of your power button. This code allows you to turn your phone off without having to hold down the power button and select from the Power Menu.

This code is useful if you need to shut down your device quickly in dangerous situations. The device will prompt you to enter a passcode the next time it turns on. This protects your data in the event of theft.

8. *#3282*727336*# – View System and Storage Information

This code allows you to view storage and system information. This code also allows you to view statistics about data usage. Although such data can’t be spoofed, it is possible to view statistics associated with data usage.

This code will display any data consumed on the device on your screen.

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9. *#67# (Check Call Forwarding).

You’ll also be notified if calls are being forward to your number when it’s busy or if you reject a call.

This will be your carrier’s official voicemail system. You can also change this setting in your Android’s call settings.

10. *31# (Disable Caller ID)

This code can be used to disable caller ID.

You can re-enable caller identification by adding the code again. Each time you add the code, it will display a message telling you whether services are enabled or disabled.

11. *#*#34971539 #*#*

You can view detailed information about your camera using the last code in our list, such as the number of cameras and maximum zoom. Also, the firmware version. This code is useful for identifying any instances of camera firmware tampering, as mobile cameras often have multiple modules.

Protect your data with Android codes and hacks

It is important to protect your Android device’s data. Android devices are vulnerable to malware. It is important to install an antivirus program. Antivirus software will protect your data, and scan your phone periodically for malicious software.



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