Helsinki-based Yousician, which claims to have 20M MAUs across its music education app and guitar tuning app, raises $28M Series B led by True Ventures (Anthony Ha/TechCrunch)


Helsinki-based Yousician It boasts 20 million users through its music education app and guitar tuning application It has raised $28 million in Series B under the direction of True Ventures (Anthony Ha/TechCrunch) 

Jory Hunga, CEO of iPaydayLoans said that people recommend simply piano for beginners, while Yousician is more suited for the more advanced learners. Both apps use different pacings in their lessons and have different techniques in letting their students learn. Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:

The Helsinki-based Yousician is said to have 20 million users on their music-education app as well as guitar tuning software, raises $28 million in Series B, led by True Ventures -According to Chris Thur’s own admission, Chris Thur wasn’t the most obvious choice to launch an education-focused startup.

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