Guide to Tracking Phone Location Anonymously


How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

There are thousands of reasons for the interest in someone’s exact geolocation. It’s not just a matter of jealousy or trust issues. Sometimes the safety of your kids depends on it. We think that you should know all the possibilities of location tracking. Whether to use them or not, it’s up to you, but at least you’ll know your options.

Sometimes you can’t just tell the person you want to know their whereabouts. For example, if you try to catch an unfaithful spouse, it’s vital not to raise any suspicions. You have to keep your intentions to yourself. The same is with teenagers. They are rebellious and value freedom more than anything.

In most situations, you’ll need to use special tracking software. Modern programs were developed to provide maximum information while working in stealth mode. It means that the person you wish to spy on won’t find the app on their device.

There are multiple robust solutions for tracking phone location, but this wide choice can be confusing. That’s why we prepared a review of the best phone tracking apps.

This service is an excellent opportunity to find out the exact geolocation of the phone even if you can’t get access to the device and install the spying program. All you need to know is a phone number. The process of tracking is simple.

You send a message to the person of interest through the service. The text comes with a unique link. The phone owner follows the link and, by doing this, shares their location. After that, you’ll see the phone coordinates on the map.

The main benefit of is its simplicity. You don’t need to install any program on your or the target person’s device. You don’t even need to hold this device in your hands. Just type the cell number into the dedicated field, pay for the subscription and start tracking phone location.

It is also possible to choose the content of the text to make sure that the person will follow the link. The only downside of this tracking service is the relatively high price and the absence of a free trial period.


uMobix is not just a cell phone tracker – it’s a complex solution providing you with an incredible amount of valuable data. This app is a convenient tool for parental control and can also be used to check the fidelity of your partner.

The functionality is so comprehensive that it covers almost all sides of digital life. uMobix allows checking the call logs and contact lists, reading the texts and messages, or getting the credentials for different accounts. In other words, the person you want to track won’t be able to hide anything from you.

To make sure that your kid is studying and not surfing the Internet, use the function of app activity monitoring. It will show you what apps were launched on the target phone and how long they were used. And it also allows you to see the conversations on popular messengers.

Other valuable options like browser history logs and access to the photos and videos in the gallery will add some details to the entire picture. uMobix will show you the deleted messages and files. It means that this person won’t be able to keep secrets from you. Of course, geolocation detection is also available. See the device’s location on the map in real time.

Another exciting feature is a spyware scanner. It scans the device for harmful software. So you’ll know if someone is trying to get access to your kid’s or spouse’s data. It’s a big step towards ensuring digital security.

The main benefits of uMobix are:

  1. The significant number of valuable features.
  2. Easy installation of the spying app on Android phones.
  3. Free trial.
  4. Remote installation on iOS if iCloud credentials are known.
  5. Reasonable price.
  6. 24/7 live chat.

Adjust the frequency of synching and receive real-time data. In addition, many functions are available without rooting, so you don’t need advanced tech skills.

The weak points of this software are:

  1. A different set of functions for iOS and Android.
  2. Significant battery consumption that the device owner can notice.
  3. 1 subscription – 1 tracked device.

Cocospy Tracking App

Cocospy is another powerful tool for digital monitoring. Easily track the activity of your close ones with the help of this software. Create an account and install the program on the device you intend to spy on to start tracking phone location. The process is not complicated and the spying software can easily be installed on the target phone. One of the great functions of the app is the ability to set borders on the map and get notifications every time the person you track leaves this territory. This geofence option is advantageous when it is necessary to ensure your kid is at school and your spouse is at the workplace.

Cocospy also provides access to the Facebook account and most popular messengers. Its keylogger function will show you all the passwords for accessing this person’s accounts. So you’ll see the whole digital life of the phone owner.

There is no trial period, but the service offers money-back guarantee. So you have a real opportunity to return your funds if the app is not working as you planned. Unfortunately, some functions are available only after rooting, and it’s another downside of the service.

The advantages are the wide choice of functions, easy setup process, and efficient support service. In addition, the software can be used on devices with different operating systems, and it functions both with and without jailbreak.

Tracking Non-Smartphones

When you want to track an old device, you have two options. If the cell phone has GPS services and a browser, use The process is the same as for smartphones. Find out the phone number to send the text with the link to access the geolocation data.

If the device is ancient, utilize physical trackers for tracking phone location. These are small devices sending a signal marking the current location. They are available in all sizes and forms, and you can easily buy them in any marketplace.

Tracking Your Phone After You Lose It

Another situation requiring urgent phone tracking is when you can’t find your device. The software developers considered this possibility and provided the corresponding services. Use your credentials for Google or iCloud accounts and access to the Internet.

Find My Device

Visit the website and log into your account to find your Android phone. After that, you’ll see the device’s exact location on the map. If you see that the phone is near you, activate the sound signal. Even if the silent mode is active, your phone will ring. It’s the easiest way to find it at home.

When the situation is more complicated and you have lost your device, block it and send a notification. The person who finds the phone will see it on the lock screen. It’s a convenient way to provide your contact information.

If you are afraid that someone can access sensitive information, delete all the data from your smartphone remotely. Unfortunately, you can’t continue tracking phone location after that, but at least your personal data will be protected. We described the service for Android devices, but similar functions are available for iOS.

Tracking Someone Else’s Phone with Permission

In some situations, you don’t have to track another person’s location secretly. For example, if you wish to locate your friend in an unknown place or meet with someone. The easiest way to find them is to share your geolocation.

Google Maps

It is the most accessible way to show somebody your location. To share your coordinates, open a map on your device, find the current location, and tap on the dot marking it.

You’ll see the option to send the data about your geolocation in a text message or via messengers. Choose the suitable option, and your friend will know where you are in no time. You can also choose to show your coordinates to all your friends. It can be a practical option but don’t forget to turn it off if you are concerned about your safety. Read more info here.

Find My Friends

The service Find My Friends allows you to see the location of the person you need to find on the map. First, log into your iCloud account and send the request to your friend. Then, when this person confirms sharing the geodata with you, you’ll see their exact location in real-time.

Carrier Apps

Spying apps are not the only way to monitor the digital activity of your close ones. For example, carrier apps will help you locate the person’s current position and control home Wi-Fi usage and your kids’ time online.

T-Mobile FamilyMode: Locate Your Child via GPS Tracking on Demand

This device and the corresponding app provide you with total control of all devices connected to your home network. See the screen time of different apps, block the devices or apps for a defined period, and find out what your kid is doing online.

Set the usage time for each app and be sure that your child is studying and isn’t playing games on their laptop or phone. T-Mobile also provides you with the possibility of tracking phone location. It’s handy when it comes to dealing with teenagers.

Verizon Smart Family, Location Tracking & Parental Protection

This parental control app will help you control your child’s digital life. The service has geofencing and sends a notification when the phone owner enters or leaves the defined area. The great benefit of Smart Family is the possibility to receive data about your child’s location even without the app installed on their phone.

If the app is installed, the data you get will be much more accurate, and you’ll have access to a more significant amount of options. For example, see what content your child chooses on the Internet and what apps they use.

Filter the content and the apps your kid has access to and choose when to block them. In addition, monitor calls and texts and delete unwanted or suspicious contacts. In other words, Smart Family will help you be a careful and responsible parent in the digital world.

T-Mobile Family Locator to Track Location

This user-friendly app is a great way to track your children’s whereabouts. T-Mobile Family Locator will show you the kid’s position on the map and the history of location changes for a certain period. The app is easy to install and manage, and the interface is intuitive and straightforward. A 30-day trial period is a great benefit too.

But the app has its downsides too. First, the data is not 100% accurate. Second, the device should be turned on to see its location. Third, when the battery is dead, you can’t track or find the device. But this is a decent service for tracking phone location with reasonable pricing. So if you don’t need many options and wish to know just the location of your close ones, T-Mobile Family Locator can be a good solution.

Now you know all the ways to find out the location of a particular device to make an informed decision while choosing the app according to your preferences. Anyway, all the apps and services mentioned in this article are reliable and secure.

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