Groupon: What it is and how it works


Receive local deals and daily discount right from your phone or computer

Groupon can help you save money by using virtual coupons. Groupon works in the same way as a physical coupon book. You can get discounts up to 70% on all kinds of products, including food, retail, and travel items.

Groupon allows you to see deals in your local area as well as those from other locations. Groupon can be used on a computer, a phone, or tablet.

How to get Groupon

Register for Groupon at Groupon is also available for mobile devices. Get Groupon iOS, or the Android app.


Sign up with Groupon using your email. You can also log in to Groupon with your Facebook and Google accounts to speed up the process. Log in to Groupon from both your phone or computer with the same account. To access the same account on both your computer and your phone, log in to Groupon using Facebook.

Groupon: What you can do with it

Groupon offers many types of coupons. You can find them both on the website or the app.


Coupons can be divided into different categories such as electronics, toys and entertainment. To see coupons available from this company or for any category, click on the link.

Groupon alerts you when you are near a store that offers discounts. You can then get a virtual coupon before you even make your purchase. Groupon may direct you to the coupon page of the company if you are on a computer. There you can print coupons and take them to the store.

You can also browse the Groupon app’s local section to find local deals. You will only see coupons for deals close to you. You can filter your results by price and distance from where you live.

Groupon has a Deals of the Day page, which is updated every 24 hours with new, limited-time offers. Groupon offers getaway deals that allow you to save money on your travel expenses. These deals can be purchased directly through Groupon using your computer or phone.

Groupon also offers the following features:

  • You will receive email alerts when new coupons are available at your favorite stores.
  • Groupon Bucks for qualifying purchases to receive more discounts in future.
  • Things to Do To find events that are less expensive with Groupon, filter your results by category (e.g., nightlife, tickets, events and sports, kids’ activities, etc.) and price.
  • Groupon offers on an interactive map that displays the deals in your city. This makes it easier to find deals.
  • To make it easier later, add items to your wishlist.
  • Promote your business on Groupon using Groupon merchant.
  • Groupon+ allows you to earn cash back at your favorite restaurants
  • There are occasions when you will find additional discounts of 20% on certain areas of the website. These offers are seasonal and limited to only a few deals.
  • Groupon Gift Shop makes it easy to find gifts that are specifically priced for children, adults, and men.
  • Gift Cards to use at Groupon
  • To promote deals, you can become a Groupon affiliate.
  • Groupon offers a 30-day guarantee on goods purchased.
  • Students receive 25% off local offers for six month, followed by 15% discount for as long as they are students.

Groupon offers a variety of purchase options

Groupon coupon codes don’t require you to purchase anything. All you need to do is copy the code and then use it on the site. There are many ways to pay if you purchase something via Groupon.

There are three options to pay for Groupon using the iPhone app: with a debit/credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Apple Pay is the only way to pay for certain services that you purchase through Groupon. Android users can pay using PayPal or a credit card.

Groupons: How do they benefit from deals?

Groupon is a middleman that promotes restaurants or stores. In return for the company they are promoting, they receive a commission every time they refer a customer.

Groupon is so popular

Groupon is very popular because of two reasons. Groupon users are modern shoppers who love spending money. Groupon users love to shop when there is a sale or a bargain. Groupon is a great way to offer tempting options for motivated consumers.

Groupon’s daily discounts can quickly spread via email, which makes it easy for the site to become viral. Groupon subscribers love to share daily deals with their friends. In a world of personal suggestions and social media, email suggestions can have influence.

Groupon subscribers get a $10 incentive for referring friends. It makes sense that users are motivated to spread the word and encourage others to use Groupon’s deals.

Groupon: Is there a catch?

Groupon discounts are limited-time offers. Some deals are only valid for 24 to 72 hours after they have been posted on the site.

Coupons are valid for 6-12 months from the date of purchase. Coupons expire, so Groupon coupons won’t last forever.

As with any sales channel, the provider wants the customer to buy immediately. So if you see a Groupon deal that interests your, grab it as soon as possible.


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