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Grand Theft Auto Online” takes players to Cayo Perico, owned by El Rubio, a drug lord.

Many fans want to know how to locate the Perico Pistol (El Rubio’s legendary handgun).

It would be extremely difficult to steal El Rubio’s gold gun from his island. Here’s a guide to how to obtain the GTA Online perico pistol, as well as small key locations.

GTA Online Perico Pistol

Game Rant says that the Perico pistol was inspired by the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. After stealing a small key from a guard sleeping outside Los Santos bars, the firearm can be taken during the Cayo Peruico Heist.

Perico Pistol Key Location

To find the Perico Pistol, players would need to obtain the small key from the guard. This is an unscheduled event marked on the map with a blue dot. It will be visible on any session, whether it is public, private, crew, invite-only, or other types.

GTA Online Perico Pistol – Complete Guide on How and Where to Find It

You just have to locate one of the guards who can be seen asleep outside Los Santos bars and nightclubs. You can visit any of these locations, and then switch between lobbies until you find the key.

  • Red Desert Avenue/Del Perro Beach
  • Mission Row
  • Del Perro/Del Perro Fairway
  • Grapeseed
  • Downtown Vinewood (near the apartment)
  • Rancho/Capital Boulevard
  • Paleto Bay
  • North Chumash

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GTA Online Perico Pistol – How to Get It

GTA Online players will need to work hard in order to find the Perico Pistol, which is hidden in El Rubio’s compound.

GTA Online Perico Pistol – Complete Guide on How and Where to Get It

Players would have to spend $2.2 million to purchase the Kosatka submarine via Warstock Cache and Carry in order to obtain the Perico Pistol. Even though they have spent this much, it is not a guarantee that they will be able to get this valuable item. Players may also search for treasure to recover the cost.

The next step is to locate a sleeping guard, and then steal a “Small Key.” Although the guard’s location is not known, players can easily find the key once they locate it. Once they have found the key, players can return to the Heist to find El Rubio’s office. This can be accessed via the basement elevator or by climbing the stairs. It is not difficult to find the stairs but it is highly vulnerable to enemy attack.

El Rubio’s office can be found in the large room with a large desk. To find the Perico Pistol, players would need to open the right-hand drawer. There is no guarantee that the Perico Pistol will be given to players. Only the winner of the golden weapon will get it.

Perico Pistol Upgrades

Players can get the Perico Pistol from Ammu-Nation after they find the gilded pistol. Players can also stockpile ammo at $5 per double round.

GTA Online Perico Pistol – Complete Guide on How and Where to Find It

“Grand Theft Auto Online”, now available on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, while versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X are in development.



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