Google Account: How can you track other devices that are logged in to your account


Google accounts give you access to nearly all Google products, including Gmail, Google Ads and YouTube. You choose the username and password to protect it.

Google makes it easy to view all devices logged into your Google account, such as laptops, phones, tables, and other gadgets, even if you forget to log out of Gmail.

You can also see the IP addresses that have accessed your account and the devices that have used your account actively in the past 28 days.

These aren’t necessarily complete. Google shows only devices that have accessed your account in the last 24 hours. Not all devices may be visible. Google does not display devices that have accessed your account via connected apps.

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View Recent Access to Your Account

Google provides a feature called “Recently Used Devices” that allows you to see the location of specific devices that have accessed your account. These features are available in your Google account settings page’s Sign-in and Security section, according to Geek.

A list of devices that were recently used will be displayed, along with their location, as well as their IP addresses and the time they were using your Google account.

You can click on any of the devices to see more information such as the name of your device, the browser used and the place that it was used.

These are all devices you should expect to see. These are devices you should expect to see.

View IP Addresses Signed into Gmail

Google’s Gmail offers a new account activity feature. It displays the IP addresses that have accessed your Gmail account recently, according to PocketLint.

To access this feature, go to and click the “Details” link in the bottom right corner.

This page will show you whether you have multiple accounts. It will show you which device the account was accessed on, what IP address it was accessed from and when it occurred.

Click the “Show Details” link to view more information about the device or application that accessed your account.

You should investigate suspicious looking IP addresses, such as one from another country or state. You may have just given Gmail access to the app, or it could be someone else having access to your account.

Google will alert you about suspicious-looking access made to your account. If you see unusual activity, Google will show you an alert.

You can change your password to ensure that your account is secure. This will close all open sessions and stop anyone who may have your password from signing in again.

Google Accounts makes it easy to retrieve files that you have accidentally deleted.

You don’t have to modify your Google account name if you need to change YouTube’s name.

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