Girl is thrown off the bass and Her Head Splits. Twitter Reaction To The Video


The girl who uploaded the video was terrified after she fell off her bass and her head broke in a frightening video that included terrifying content. The video was uploaded via Twitter.

The woman was spotted falling and getting injured on the tape and the people around her were concerned about the incident. But due to the graphic content, the footage has been removed.

The ambulance and police were on the scene quickly after a passing motorist was alerted to the incident.

Girl Who Fell From The Bass Video on Twitter

This video shows the young lady sitting on the bass. However, to the utter shock of everyone, it broke the bass the girl fell down and her fractures hurt her. It was reported that the Twitter clip was recently taken down because it violated Twitter policy, which upset users.

Fortunately for her the girls, they miraculously escaped death because health officials arrived promptly. They only sustained minor bruises and cuts and suffered a serious head injury.

There is an injury of a severe nature on her but her condition hasn’t been disclosed to date.

Who is the Girl In the Twitter Video That Is Disturbing?

The lady in the gruesome video hasn’t divulged anything about herself, other than the fact that she has a fracture within her skull. Her health status is undetermined.

She was at the bottom of the lake when she fell down and hurt herself according to an acquaintance in the area. They weren’t sure if it was a major injury until they were close enough to look what they witnessed.

Police have launched an investigation. Safety inspections are underway at similar places to ensure that an incident is not repeated.

Situation of The Girl Who Tripped From the Bass and Split Her Head

The patient was transported to the hospital due to the health of her is such a bad state that it is unclear whether she’ll live.

Following the incident the girl was rushed to the hospital immediately.

We wish her quick recovery and send our sincere wishes to her family and friends.

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