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Galaxy A53 5G vs. Galaxy A525G: What’s The Difference?

The Galaxy A series by Samsung is extremely popular. How does the new Galaxy A53 perform compared to the A52?

Image Credit: Samsung Newsroom

Samsung’s Galaxy A series was long the most popular smartphone series. In fact, it accounted more than half of its total smartphone sales in 2021. Samsung’s Galaxy A53 5G is a new addition in its Galaxy A series.

This article will discuss the five main differences between the Galaxy A53 5G (and its predecessor, the Galaxy A52 5G) to help you make an informed buying decision. Let’s get started.

1. Cheaper Price

The Galaxy A53 5G is $449, while the Galaxy A52 5G is $499. The Galaxy A52 5G is available for $499, while the Galaxy A53 5G starts at $449.

Many buyers were unable to purchase the A52 because of this. It’s probable that the A53 will be the best option for those who waited and the A53 is cheaper!

2. The Box contains a 5000mAh battery, but no charger

Image Credit: Samsung Mobile Press

Samsung claims that the Galaxy A53’s 5000mAh battery can last two days. However, if you are a power user or gamer, it is unlikely you will get the same results. The A52, on the other hand, has a smaller 4500mAh battery. This is a small difference but it will mean that your phone won’t need to be charged as often.

Both devices support fast charging at 25W. Samsung has decided not to include a charger in the Galaxy A53’s box, which explains its lower price.


It is sad to see that a series which is all about affordability is getting rid such an essential goody. Worse, other manufacturers may follow suit and cease bundling charges with mid-range phones. This terrible trend will soon be reflected in the budget category.

3. New 5nm Processor

The Galaxy A53 has a new 5nm Exynos1280 processor that is much faster than the A52’s 8nm Snapdragon 7500G processor. We don’t yet have benchmark scores for the latter, but you can be sure that the new chip will provide a smoother gaming experience.

The chip is still mid-range, so don’t expect it will work like a flagship.

4. Four years of software updates

Image Credit: Samsung Mobile Press

Samsung promises four years of major Android updates, five years of security updates, and the Galaxy S22 Super. You can update the Galaxy A53 to Android 16 by simply installing Android 12 from the box.

This is good news for those who love to keep their phones around longer. Keep in mind that the more you keep your phone around, the less it is harmful to the environment.

5. No Headphone Jack

We hate to break the news but the Galaxy A53 (and the less expensive A33) finally removed the 3.5mm headphonejack. While this may not be as significant for you since you may already have wireless headphones, it is a very heartbreaking decision and one that will make your smartphone experience worse.

The Galaxy A52 5G, the last Samsung Galaxy A series device to feature an audio jack, is the Galaxy A52 5G.

The Galaxy A53 5G is a mid-range Superstar

The Galaxy A52 was a highly-received phone in 2021. So, the Galaxy A53’s successor has a lot of work ahead of it. The two devices are actually more alike than they are distinct.

Both have the same camera system, same display, same IP67 rating and same stereo speakers. They also have similar exterior designs. The A53 is highly recommended due to its superior performance, larger battery and extended software support.




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