Forward Helix Piercing Guide: You need Know


A forward helix is an option for those who want cartilage earrings. This unique piercing allows you to show off your style and is very easy to maintain. This is why it’s worth getting a piercing. It looks incredible and definitely makes you look better than you expected. It’s creative and innovative, so you will enjoy it even more than you think.

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What is a forward helix piercing?

When it comes to forward-helix earrings and forward-helix piercing, the most important thing is that it’s located on the upper cartilage. It is located above your tragus and faces forward. These piercings are not required to use specialized equipment. Instead, you can do them easily if needed. They look very similar to the lobe procedure, which is also quite easy.

However, the forward helix offers a much more creative and innovative way to express yourself. If you wish, you can even have a triple forward helix. The style of your forward helix earrings is entirely up to you.

How long does a forward helix piercing take to heal?

A forward helix piercing is a procedure that involves determining how painful it will be and when it will heal. These piercings are generally quite painful. But, working with an experienced piercer will make the pain far less.

This can make it quite long to heal. It can take from 3 to 9 month. You want to be vigilant and avoid potential issues. Your piercer will inform you if you have to do any aftercare tasks. These will keep you safe. Because of its location, cartilage earrings can cause infections.

How to change forward helix piercing?

It’s possible to remove the forward helix from your ear, but it’s best to let your ear heal properly. It can lead to infection if it is removed too soon. The forward helix can be changed by simply taking out the earring and replacing with a new one. While the process of changing it itself is simple, the important thing is to make sure that your ear heals. You may need to wait a while before your ear heals completely. It will take a few months before you can make any changes.

How much does a forward helix piercing cost?


It is important to remember that forward helix earrings are not all equal. It all depends on the location you choose and how much they charge. $30 is the starting price for a forward helix, but it’s possible to get a more intricate piercing by going to $90, especially if you are looking for a double or three-point forward helix. The piercer will only be interested in what you want. They will work with you to achieve the best results. This is why it’s a great option.

There are many options when it comes forward helix earrings. A high quality forward-helix earring is the best option. It will also save you time and money. Additionally, cartilage earrings that are of higher quality will last longer, which is crucial in situations like these. Keep that in mind and you’ll be very satisfied with the experience.

What gauge is a forward helix piercing?

Most often, the forward-helix piercing will be either hollow 16 or 18 gauge. Some people might require different gauges depending on their anatomy. Personal preference is an important aspect to consider. This is something you need to be aware of. It will remove your worries and improve the overall experience.

When can I change my forward helix piercing?

It is crucial to make sure that you change the forward helix every 3 months. We mentioned that you need to allow your foot heal properly. It is possible to prevent problems from occurring, so it is a good idea to wait at least half a decade after your piercing.

How to remove a forward helix piercing?

You can remove a forward-helix piercing by applying lubricant to the earrings and the piercing. You will need to wait approximately two minutes before it takes action. After the lubricant has dried, the earring can be removed and replaced with a new one.

You can use rubber gloves or latex if the piercing ball is stuck. You should not push things too hard. It is important to make sure you are using everything correctly. The results will be much better.

Aftercare for the forward helix piercing

Forward helix piercings should be left alone for a few days after they are received. Next, you will need to clean the piercing every day. You will be given a liquid that helps to care for your piercing. While you can use it, avoid using soap.

It is important to remember that cream can clog up your piercings. It is important to not touch the piercing other than when cleaning it. Avoid rubbing your piercing against the pillow. It is important to avoid irritation.


You can have your own forwardhelix piercing. And there are many forwardhelix earrings to choose from. But you want to find out what a forward helix is and how to care for it. Also how to replace earrings safely. You can now buy the forward helix earrings you love after you’ve learned enough information.

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