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Five Ways to Remove Formatting from Copy and Paste Text

This article will show you how to copy-paste without formatting on both Windows and Mac using several different methods.

Most people copy and paste several times per day. While this is a very useful function, it can also cause problems such as the addition of special formatting to your text, such as hyperlinks, bold, italics and other fonts. You’ll find it easy to copy text from the internet and keep its original style once you paste it in your document.

We will show you how to copy/paste without formatting using several simple tricks.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts to paste without formatting

You should be familiar with the methods to copy and past plaintext frequently. There are many efficient ways to do this, including keyboard shortcuts and apps.

Windows supports the shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + for copying and pasting without formatting. These include Chrome and Firefox as well as Evernote.

You can paste plain text on a Mac using the cumbersome shortcut Option+ Cmd + Shift+ V. It is a system-wide shortcut that should work everywhere, unlike Windows. Technically, the shortcut matches and pastes the formatting. However, it has the same effect as removing the original formatting.

2. How to Paste in Microsoft Office without Formatting

Microsoft Office is the exception to these shortcuts. Most people will want to copy and paste text into their documents, so the absence of a shortcut is a problem. There is an easy way to copy and paste text in Microsoft Word or other Office apps.


First, copy the text from your Word document and then paste it as normal. After you have done this, you can look for the tooltip near the text.

You’ll see three options when you click on it (or hit CTRL for keyboard shortcuts).

  • Keep-Source Formatting will preserve the text exactly as it was copied. To select the tooltip, open it with Ctrl.
  • Merge formatting will ensure that the text you paste matches the surrounding text. This will preserve basic formatting such as bold and bullet points but change the font to match the text. This shortcut key is M.
  • Keep text only pastes plain text without formatting. This option can be accessed via the keyboard shortcut T


You can also paste without formatting if you don’t like these keyboard shortcuts. To open the Paste Special window, use Ctrl+ Alt +V (or Cmd + Alt+V on a Mac). Select Unformatted text to copy plain text.

If you wish, you can also set Word’s default paste option to paste plain text. Go to Options. Select the Advanced tab. For default pasting settings, you can look at the Header and copy it.

You can choose to change the way you prefer to paste text. Pasting from another program will not copy text from your browser or any other apps. This setting is Keep text only for plain text.


3. How to Paste on Mac without Formatting

Do you want to copy and paste from a Mac? To avoid having to use the default shortcut, you can create a simple override from System Preferences to personalize your Mac’s keyboard.

Go to Apple menu > Systems Preferences, then select keyboard. Next, switch to the Shortcuts tab and then select App Shortcuts in the list. To create a shortcut, you will need to click on the Plus button below the box.

Select All Applications in the Application box. This will allow you to copy and paste without formatting anywhere on your Mac. Enter Paste, Match Style in the Menu Title field. Next, enter Cmd + in Keyboard shortcut.


You’re done! Click Add The default Cmd+V shortcut should be used to paste text without formatting. It might not work with every app due to different menu names. However, it should be used for most.

Keep in mind that Edit > Copy is required if you want to add formatting to your copy. You can choose a unique combination of keys to your paste shortcut without formatting. It’s up to you to remember the combination and ensure it doesn’t conflict with any other shortcuts that your apps might use.

4. Copy and Paste Plain Text Anywhere on Windows

Don’t be jealous if you are a Windows user and want to copy the Mac users’ workaround. A tiny Windows tool called PureText gives you an easy shortcut to paste without formatting.

The tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, where it is easy to install and automatically updates. To configure some settings, right-click the icon in your System Tray.

PureText defaults to using Win+V as a combo for pasting without formatting. You can choose to use a different shortcut if you prefer. You can also make sure Paste converted text in the current window is checked. This will make the shortcut paste instead of converting.


Most likely, you’ll want to disable . This is because there’s no need to hear a chime when you paste. You can make automatically run PureText whenever Windows starts so it doesn’t need to be started manually.

Although it’s simple, it makes pasting without formatting in Windows 10 and Windows 11 extremely easy.

Windows 11: Paste without Formatting

Windows 11 users can use the built in clipboard manager to copy and paste without formatting. Although it takes a few more clicks than the previous method, it is still worthwhile to know about.

First, ensure that you are using the enhanced clipboard manager in Windows 11. Go to Settings > Systems > Clipboard. To enable the built-in manager, toggle Clipboard history. To access any past copy, press Win+V.

Click the three dot button to paste the item without formatting. You will see some new icons. This includes a Paste As Text icon. It shows a clipboard as well as the A. To paste, click this icon.


5. Use a text editor to copy without formatting

We include this clunky option because it is easy to forget. You’ll find the above options easier in most cases.

Pasting text without formatting is possible only if you use an app that supports specific styles of text. You can copy and paste text without formatting by using Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit Mac (Mac).

TextEdit for macOS uses rich text as a default. To convert the text to plain text, press Cmd+ Shift + after you have copied it. TextEdit can be set to use plain text files at all times by going to TextEdit > Preferences, and checking the Clear text box.

These programs can only be used with basic text editors. They won’t work well with rich text such as bold and italic fonts. Copy the text that you like and paste it into TextEdit or Notepad. This will display as plain text. Copy it and paste it to your final destination.

Although it’s not the fastest way to copy without formatting, it doesn’t require any software to use and works reliably. You can also paste the text in another text box, such as your browser’s addressbar, to make it a bit quicker.

Paste without Formatting Every Time

We have examined the best methods to copy and paste on Mac and Windows. You can choose to use system-wide shortcuts or the built-in shortcuts. This allows you to save time and eliminate unnecessary formatting in just one step.




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