Find Clothes From A Picture Easily With These 5 Apps!


Are you looking for that ideal outfit for the occasion that is coming up, without spending hours perusing through the pages? Visual search is your ideal partner for those who need to quickly locate clothing from a photo!

You might have been in the same scenario in the past If you have an celebration or holiday scheduled and you’re looking to look and feel your best. you get lots of ideas from social media, but you’re not sure where you can purchase the amazing clothes. If that’s the case, you should try one of these websites or apps could be a game changer.

These applications use AI-powered images recognition technology to recognize patterns, styles as well as colors and attributes of the product to locate identical products with different prices. The intuitive algorithm lets you to get inspiration by spotting the latest trends and styles without costing you a fortune!

In this post we’ll explain why we like these tools and how you can make use of them.

Table Of Contents

  1. Amazon StyleSnap
  2. Pinterest Lens
  3. Google Lens
  4. Lykdat
  5. Asos Style Match
  6. The final thoughts

Amazon StyleSnap

We love it because: Everything on Amazon products are available for you to choose from

It’s not an app by itself, it’s an option that is integrated into the Amazon search bar in the app which allows you to conduct an image search for items in all of the Amazon inventory. If you’re thinking of shopping on Amazon it’s the most effective option.

Follow these steps for using StyleSnap:

  1. Get Amazon’s app. Download the Amazon App If you don’t already have it.
  2. On the bar of search, you can click on the camera icon that is on the right
  3. Hit the StyleSnap icon located in the lower left corner.
  4. Upload your image
  5. That’s it! You’ll see results within a couple of minutes.

The algorithm ought to be able identify every item of clothes and accessories that are that are in the photo. Every piece is identified with a dot. This means you can choose the items you’re looking for and then view the results just for those items.

It also identified the dress, skirt bag, shoes and even the blouse from the photo we uploaded. We could go to each and see the appropriate results. If you click one of them options, it will redirect you to the page for the product where you can purchase.

Based on our experience, StyleSnap performed smoothly, delivering results very quickly.

Pinterest Lens

Why we are in love with this: It is great for inspiration

Pinterest also offers the ability to search visually within the app, dubbed Pinterest Lens. If you’re already an Pinterest users, you don’t need to download any other app.

Follow these steps for using Pinterest Lens:

  1. Install the Pinterest app in case you don’t yet ( Android, iOS)
  2. Click on the icon for searching
  3. On the page that you have searched on Click to the camera icon located to the top right below the search bar.
  4. Click in the lower left edge to add your photo
  5. That’s it!

In this instance it was the case that the AI could identify the skirt, blouse, and shoes. The bag was not identified. If you are interested in seeking out similar bags, it’s advised to upload a photo that makes the bag more obvious.

Similar to the Amazon Style Snap, you can zoom in on items and search for them.

We are awestruck by the app user experience and the feature for visual searches is not an exception. It delivers results quickly and has two categories available such as Explore , and Shop. The first category is perfect when you’re seeking inspiration, however, should you fall in love with a product and you’re ready to buy it, click it and you’ll be taken to the site of the seller.

Google Lens

What we like about it You can search against millions items; exact match results

The greatest thing feature of Google Lens is that you can test it using an application that you probably already own, for instance Google Photos, or even using your browser, which means there’s no need to download an app!

In this instance we made use of Google Photos. Google Photos app. If you’d like to try this app, follow these instructions:

  1. Get Google Photos. Download the Google Photos application If you don’t have it already
  2. Visit the picture you’d like to find clothing .
  3. The camera icon is located at the left
  4. That’s it. Google algorithm will perform it’s magic!

It is extremely quickly and provides a pleasant user experience. Similar to Amazon StyleSnap, it detects the items of an outfit and lets you press each one to view the outcomes.

In our instance it spotted more than just clothes and accessories. It also spotted the pots and plants in the image that is to be expected as Google does a broad search and isn’t only limited to fashion.

If you’re looking to exclude specific items from the image from your search, you can crop it, and focusing on the clothes you want to purchase.


If you’re trying to find the exactly-matched match for your search, then this could be your best bet! Since Google is able to search virtually all of the internet.


We love it because: Searching with advanced search capabilities, which gives exact matches, as well as the ability to filter

Lykdat operates as a web application that you can access through your browser, therefore it doesn’t require downloading an application.

For Lykdat to be used, you must follow these steps:

  1. Use a browser to navigate to the Lykdat website.
  2. Select “Search with an image.”
  3. Upload your image
  4. You can cut it down if you wish to focus on a particular area.
  5. Check your results.


Lykdat is very simple to use, it’s extremely fast with results that are precise! It’s also fantastic that it allows you to crop your image before uploading it.

Lykdat detects a variety of objects in a photo it can detect a variety of items, and then select each item to examine the results separately. In this instance it picked up the skirt, the top and shoes. It even picked up that bag (not all applications detected it)!

The results are among the most accurate , as we were able to find the exact pair of the sneakers. We also liked that, once you’ve got your results, you can sort by gender or the location, color, etc.

Lykdat is among the most sophisticated solutions for those who are serious about finding exact matches and tailoring your search.

Asos Style Match

What we like about it Particular and catering to Asos inventory

The concept behind Asos Style Match is very similar to the concepts presented above. You are able to capture or upload a photograph and find similar matches straight away.

Of course, the main difference is that you’ll receive result from Asos inventory that is less extensive than a search that is broad similar to Google and you may not be able to find exact matches.

Follow these steps for using Asos Style Match

  1. Get Asos. Download the Asos application in case you don’t have it yet.
  2. In the search bar at the top you can click on the camera icon.
  3. Click the lower right corner to upload a photo
  4. Find out the results

In a flash, we found the most suitable match from Asos inventory for the image we uploaded. The only drawback is that you are unable to select one item to be focused on. For instance I’m not sure what results I’m getting for the blouse, skirt or even a little bit of all of it.

If you’re in the market for a particular product, you can reduce the size of the image prior to looking to focus only on what you’re searching for.

Final thoughts

Finding clothing from a photo is now possible thanks to the power of AI. The technology of visual search allows users to upload any image and locate fashion pieces that are similar to each other in terms of color or design. It’s a fantastic option for people who have been lusting over wearing a particular item but cannot locate it on the internet.


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