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Expectation From Boise Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is known for securing favourable results for most people with small veins and restoring confidence in their appearance. With the success of this treatment, the visible veins usually diminish within six to eight weeks and rarely reappear in the future. But before engaging in this spider vein treatment, the patient needs to know what one should expect from the treatment, including the success rate, side effects and recovery. 

Sclerotherapy As A Hassle Free Procedure:

The treatment process involves no inclusion of surgery and can be carried out in the vain surgeon’s clinic. Therefore it is pretty evident that it doesn’t take long to complete the process. The doctor will make the patient lie down with their legs elevated and numb the area where a microfoam solution will be injected. The answer is directly pushed into the affected veins, where the patient will feel nothing other than tiny pinches. 

Possible Side Effects Of The Treatment:

Sclerotherapy is known to have a good success rate for treating spider veins or smaller veins. There are rarely any side effects of such treatment. Still, temporary problems might occur, such as skin irritation or inflammation around the injected area and reddening and bruising around the treated site, which usually lasts for several days before disappearing completely. In some rare cases, patients might experience discolouration of the skin surrounding the area for several weeks and months. 


The recovery is hassle-free and simple as it does not hamper the individual’s daily routine and habitual activities. But this doesn’t mean that one can see instant results. In rare cases, a patient might experience the gradual disappearance of the spider veins during the treatment, but for most, it takes several weeks for the spider veins to diminish.

After the treatment, the patients will be recommended to engage in a regular walk to enhance the blood flow and reduce the chance of blood clots. The doctor might also recommend the use of compression stockings for several days following the treatment that will exert gentle pressure on the legs and prevent the formation of new spider veins. 

Final Thoughts:

However, in several cases, multiple treatments might be required to eliminate the spider veins. The doctor would schedule the series of treatments a few weeks apart after inspecting whether sclerotherapy is the proper treatment for the concerned patient. Therefore it is essential for one to get in touch with a doctor from the very beginning to ensure a smooth treatment and recovery process. 

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