Everything you should know about vape juice


Vape juice is a synonym for e-liquid, and we go in-depth here with which one you should choose. Let’s look at what juice is and what fits your needs.

What is vape juice?

Vape juice is a blend of different liquids used in e-cigarettes. Normally, vape juice consists of PG/VG and flavoring. Nicotine can be added to this depending on personal preference. However, the ingredients may vary from juice to juice. Still, the liquid typically contains 95 propylene glycol (PG) and vegetarian glycerin (VG). 

Without necessarily knowing it, PG and VG are included as additives in a variety of foods of daily life. It is included in cakes and oral medicine, to name a few. Additionally, PG and VG are included in consumer goods such as toothpaste and hand cream. This is because additives have some good properties of keeping items moist.

 There are an incredible number of vape juice producers around the world, which has resulted in more than 8000 variations. Vape juice is the liquid in the e-cigarette that is obviously used to create real vapor. The e-cigarette heats the vape juice to between 100 and 200 degrees, which turns into a vapor that you can inhale from there.

What Is The Difference Between Different Vape Juices?

As mentioned above, there are an incredible variety of juices on the market, making it difficult for the consumer to distinguish. First of all, vape juice consists of an aroma (variant flavor) where you have to tell yourself what you are looking for. It is quite personal, but here you can simply try or consider whether you are more into tobacco or fruit flavor – or something else altogether. It is very different from one individual to another. That said, you may have come across the fact that some are cheaper than others. And what is the reason for this?

The expensive in liquids is the flavor, and all premium liquids have more flavor whether it is a simple recipe or a more complex one. Also, relatively congruent flavors are used in the juice and base. At the same time, in there are vape juices where different flavors are blended, which creates a much more unique taste.

 Vape juice from reliable producers usually has a higher concentration of VG, which guarantees a much fuller vapor. As mentioned, it’s mixed with different flavors, requiring a lot of extras. All premium juices are pre-steeped. Pre-Steeped means they are overripe and therefore have the right flavor from the blend of nicotine in the juice. 

Which Vape Juice Suits Me?

When choosing your next vape juice, you should take the above things into consideration. You need to consider how much quality and taste mean to you. Also, consider which flavor fits you best. Finally, keep in mind that basic (budget) fluids are best for beginner kits and smaller steamer rigs and produce much less vapor and flavor. The mixing ratio, 50/50, will then be the most optimal choice as the flavor gets through more. However, you can use Premium if you wish.

 There are numerous factors to think about before embarking on the purchase of vape juice. 

  1. Flavor – The first thing you should think about is the taste of the e-liquid you would like to use. Each liquid has its own characteristic flavor, more or less strong, and if you don’t like it, it will be difficult to vape. For this reason, we recommend that you spend some time browsing through the wide range of flavors on the internet until you discover the one that suits your taste buds perfectly.
  2. Nicotine Strength – How much nicotine do you want to smell in your vape liquid? Low (6mg and below) for light smokers or high (17mg to 36mg) for heavy chain smokers.
  3. PG vs. VG – As mentioned above, the ratio of VG to PG is important, as it has a significant influence on the type of experience you will get with a given e-liquid. If you’re looking for the perfect hit, you’ll need to understand the VG/PG ratio to find the best combination for you.

How to change e-liquids

  1. Remove the Tank. The first step you need to take is to unscrew the tank from your device and get rid of any remaining vape juice. Do it with care!
  2. Clean the Tank. Using soap and water, clean the tank thoroughly and carefully. This step is vital as not doing it correctly can affect the taste of the vape, leaving residue. If you have previously used thick e-liquid, you should also clean the tank with slightly warm water afterward. Once the tank is clean, wipe away any moisture using cotton or a paper towel. It’s wise to leave the tank to dry on a surface for a few minutes, to ensure that any residue doesn’t ‘corrupt’ your final vaping experience.
  3. Clean the coils. While you wait for the tank to dry completely, it’s wise to clean the coil of your vape. A coil needs to be replaced every two weeks, and you should consider doing this when changing your juice. But, if you recently changed the coil and are just switching flavors, you can remove it and quickly store or clean it. Rinse the coil with warm water (there are tasteless vape liquids available in the market to rinse coils instead of hot water if you prefer). Do not use soapy water for this step, as it will damage the coil! Clean it with cotton and let it dry.
  4. Filling the tank. Once you are sure the tank and coils are completely dry, fill the tank with your new vape juice. Ideally, only fill ¾ of the tank to avoid leaks.
  5. Reassemble the components. Put the tank and coils back in place and give it a spin. You may want to prime your coil first to make sure the flavor has settled into your device (prime a coil means you allow time for the vape juice to fully saturate the wicking material in the coil head).
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