Ernest Khalimov: Is GigaChad Real or fake?


It’s among the most popular body memes you can find on the Internet and it’s so popular that some have even questioned the authenticity of the person behind the meme.

Who is this person we are discussing? It’s Ernest Khalimov obviously. He is the owner and creator of the GigaChad meme that is featured in Instagram as berlin.1969 and has around 750,000 followers.

Fiction and facts can get confused quite quickly in any discussion of Khalimov However, it’s essential to be aware of this when evaluating the veracity of the information you’re about to be reading.

To the best of our knowledge Khalimov is 52 and lists himself as being a Russian Fitness trainer as well as model. The first images of him were first seen in 2017, however an Russian photographer identified as Krista Sudmalis tracked his internet roots back to the year 2015.

Sudmalis is believed to have an intriguing motivation for her personal motives. Sudmalis “discovered” Khalimov as part of a project to photograph that she was able to access photos of male bodybuilders as well as female models, and the project dubbed “Sleek ‘n’ Tears.

This led to Khalimov to become a celebrity to the point that Khalimov has become the personification of the “Chad” meme that represents the best in masculine character in terms of “perfect” style.

That led to the GigaChad name and has been followed by an incessant stream of memes that ridicule that Chad meme. There’s been lots of speculation as to how Khalimov is real or merely a result of the latest photo editing techniques using CGI to drive the car.

The mythical elements of GigaChad are fueled because no one has found any video footage of Khalimov in addition to the fact that he’s not present online Internet and has shown only a minimal desire to sign up for brand deals.

The rumours continue to have some life of their own they aren’t true, and if Khalimov is at all more active than the rumor-mill suggests He’s certainly leading an enjoyable life.

The latest rumor suggest that he was killed in a car crash, however, they turned out to be false. A convincing death hysteriac is an effective method of staying visible online however, regardless of whether Khalimov continues to insist that the man “does not work in any way Anyone” and isn’t a “sociable” individual.

The reality that he does not have an Wikipedia page has led to more speculation. reports continue to make the rounds, but with no details to prove or confirm the fact that Khalimov is actually alive.

The nearest anyone has been able to identify the Russian model’s real roots is to “trace” the date of his birth from March 1st 1969, in Moscow.

There’s no birth certificate nor any official document to prove all of that, obviously however, his sun sign is classified to be Pisces in the eyes of those who appreciate these things. There’s no reliable information on his weight or height as well, but there’s a possibility that he might originate from Turkey or perhaps one of the nearby countries as well as ethnic areas.

Does Ernest Khalimov actually exists? Flip a coin , and then take the best possible guess. You can also proceed to providing a relevant meme, or a snarky one or rumor. It is the main purpose of the entire exercise.

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