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Emma Watson files a lawsuit over the leaked photos

The Beauty and the Beast actress immediately took legal action to stop the targeted invasion of her privacy


We are reminded again of the importance of those marches two months after millions marched in their cities for women’s rights. Continue reading: WIRED celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting the women who are changing the world

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried were two actors who have spoken out about feminist issues in the past. Hackers published private photos on the dark internet and possibly 4chan. Other reports indicate that private images of Kylie Jenner and Marisa Tomei, Rose McGowan and Katie Cassidy, Alyssa Arke, Dylan Penn, and Rose McGowan have been taken and may be available online. This release was dubbed Fappening 2.0.

Holly Willoughby, ITV’s This Morning host, is being “taunted” by hackers who claim to publish nude photos. Willoughby stated that she is not concerned because there are no such photos.

The hack, which is similar to the 2014 iCloud hacks, targets high-profile women. The hackers have not revealed how they stole the images.

Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvanian, stole private photos of 101 celebrities victims, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Rihanna, via 48 iCloud accounts as well as 72 Gmail accounts. He gained access using phishing attacks over a period of two years, sending emails to the accounts from supposedly legitimate sources, such as “”. It is important to check any email sent by a technology company, warning of scams, and not hit the reply button. Collins was able download the entire backup of his iCloud accounts once he had access to it. In October 2016, he was finally tracked down and prosecuted. He was sentenced to 18 month in federal prison. Edward Majerczyk was also charged with the same offenses. He accessed 300 accounts and was sentenced to nine month in prison under a plea agreement.


Emma Watson, a publicist at the BBC, has taken legal action to stop hackings beyond the subreddits. Her publicist released the following statement: “Photos taken at Emma’s fitting with a stylist two years ago were stolen. These are not nude photos. We have been given instructions by lawyers and are not commenting on the matter further.


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Other details regarding the legal action were not available. It is possible that her team is targeting portals where stolen property is being posted. WIRED did a quick Twitter search and found at least one person posting graphic nude videos or photos of targeted people, more than 17 hours earlier. WIRED reported the account as harassment and will update the article if it is confirmed.

Numerous Reddit posts and tweets have suggested that these photos have been posted on the dark internet, along with the allegedly nude photos of Amanda Seyfried, and other models and actresses. Reddit currently has a thread entitled “Don’t post leaks” at the top. It only contains one comment: “Don’t make /u/just a traveler use expelliarmus upon you, follow the rules.”

Hackers threatened Emma Watson in 2014. This attack came immediately after a speech Watson gave about women’s rights at UN. It was part of her role as goodwill ambassador. 4chan user threatened to post nude images and start a countdown for the “event” Although the photos were never posted, it was obvious that the user intended to do so. Dazed reported that Emma, a feminist b***h, was going to show the world that she is just as much a woman as any other woman. This was back in 2015. Another stated that she makes idiotic feminist speeches at UN and her nudes will now be online, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Watson is not the only person being targeted this week. However, the leaks are based on a public ‘controversy” over the fact that Watson posed in a revealing dress for the cover of Vanity Fair. Many people believe that one cannot show skin and be feminist. Several Twitter users accused Watson of hypocrisy. Hours before the leaks were published yesterday. It highlighted how Amanda Seyfried, who is currently pregnant, has been vocal in support of women’s rights, including the reduction of the gender wage gap.




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