Elements that Make a Good Intranet for Your Company


Getting the intranet can be a good move for your company. You can improve internal communication between employees, and it allows for organization and knowledge sharing between departments. But one thing’s for sure; this is only going to be true if you choose an intuitive and modern intranet for your company.

If you have never made this type of investment before, you might not be sure where to begin. Here are some elements you should look out for, and that indicate you have found a good intranet for your business.

Easy-To-Use Design

The intranet is a wonderful thing. It can do a lot of good for your company. But, you will only realize the true benefits of the intranet when you select the right system for your business and team. Namely, you want to make sure that it is easy to use. Not all members of your team are going to be great with technology or be able to adapt to a new system easily. So, if you want to make sure that productivity does not take a dip, an easy-to-use design is imperative.

A good way to see if you like the intranet is to try a demo. This will allow you to get familiar with the design and evaluate whether it is right for your team. Things should be self-explanatory and not too complicated.

There is Strong Security

Your company is going to have a lot of sensitive information. This can include data from clients as well as projects you are working on. It is your duty to ensure that everything is safe and secure, only being accessed by the right people. So, when you are looking for an intranet system for your company, you want to prioritize security and make sure that you are choosing a trusted system.

This can be a difficult thing to do when you are new to this space. But, reputation means everything. For example, Clear People has a great reputation for creating digital workplaces for many big companies. In particular, they offer intranet and information management by Atlas. Since the company has a good reputation and they provide popular solutions, you know that you can trust them.

It Is Cloud-Based

Something else you want to look for when it comes to an intranet system is that it is cloud-based. This is something you will hear a lot when it comes to modern technology. Indeed, it is a good thing and it means that your business can go anywhere. We are talking about literally. A cloud-based intranet will be able to be accessed anywhere. So, if you have some employees working in the office and then some that are working from home, they are going to be able to look for the same files and tools.

Therefore, cloud-based is definitely preferred when it comes to the intranet. It will make communication and information sharing very easy. The intranet will be easy and convenient, as well as accessible on different devices no matter where you are. So, this is going to work perfectly when you have team members operating remotely.

It Offers Everything Employees Need

Let’s not forget that an intranet has to be able to offer employees all of the support they need to do their jobs. Otherwise, there is not going to be much point to it. So, you have to do some investigation and make sure that the system is sophisticated and able to support your team. This can include things like information and tool sharing, as well as ways to collaborate and work together.

A lot of companies will offer a demo. Again, this is something you should try before you commit. Then, you can see exactly what is going to be offered on the platform and see if it is going to work out for your team and for what they need.

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