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Edgar Obare Updates His Deleted Instagram Account Following The Wash Wash Expose

Edgar Obare posted updates on his Instagram account that was deactivated after the expose of wash soap.
Freedom of speech in Kenya is only allowed when you are in another country, such as Miguna, or you may end up in a coffin. Edgar Obare is well-known for keeping celebrities in the loop by providing updates from his loyal fans. He has been associated with almost every Kenyan celebrity. Although they aren’t the most passionate fans, Kenyans tend to be very supportive keyboard warriors.
Edgar recently touched a nerve and crossed a bridge not many would dare even consider. He posted pictures of both Kenyan men and African men who were accused of Wash Wash, a term that describes individuals who make money illegally and then use unethical means to “cleanse” their money. The accused weren’t sipped on scotch whiskey and were clearly not upset.
The tea master’s life is in peril.
Edgar’s Instagram account was removed by Boniface Mwangi, an activist. Boniface posted a video about the incident and it worried his followers. Although the account of the tea master is still not active after almost a week, he has been using his entertainment account BNN to try and restore it.
Who has deactivated your account?
Edgar claims that his account was deleted by Instagram. However, he said that he intends to restore his account and asked his followers if they knew of any other options.
“My main account has been deleted. We are working to restore it. We have already planned for such outcomes, and I can still be posting here,” Obare said via his BNN Instagram account.
There were more fake Edgar Obare accounts.
After realizing Edgar’s account wasn’t there, people search for him. There are many fake Obare accounts, and many of them have a large following. This is a sign of how much Obare has influence. Most young Kenyans rely on him for entertainment and real-time news.
Disabled Insta accounts
Instagram does not provide any specific guidance on why accounts are disabled. However, it does state that account deletions can be due to violating community guidelines and terms of service.
Edgar may not be safe even if he restores his account and joins a new platform. He exposed a number of people who are in direct links to the big boys in government. What should he do next? Obare listed several names that he believes to be in Wash Wash business over the weekend, sparking endless debate on Twitter.



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