DOWEL RODS Is Essential for Your Success. Read This to Find Out Why


Wooden dowel rods are sticks that look like pencils with smoother edges. They are used to help you build short, strong walls.  They are big helping hands for you if you’re a carpenter or working in a wooden business because you don’t have to waste time building long, strong walls with your hands by creating and attaching every rod. Moreover, you can create wonderful things you can imagine and make you succeed to complete any project in time.

There are many types of materials in dowel rods but one type of dowel is the wooden dowel, which is used in woodworking. Some are used to help the wood stay in place while the glue dries. Some help make pieces fit together. Just because they are safest for kids also is the reason, they are highly demanding. They are made for holding things together. They can be used anywhere there is a hole. Let’s read more about this interesting product that makes your life easy.


  • Dowel Rods are simple yet highly functional.
  • They have a silky finish, a neat cut that you can easily grip, and will not harm your hands.
  • They are convenient for home decoration, model making, and art and crafts.
  • It will make Jewelry making or cake making very easy. Just with your imagination you can build or make anything you want.
  • Dowel Rods are made to stand up to the daily use and abuse of the toughest applications and are engineered for long life.
  • Dowel rods are made of round bars with holes. The rods are used in the manufacture of furniture, such as cabinets. These are one of the most common items used for furniture. Dowel rods come in a variety of lengths and diameter sizes. They are manufactured by different companies. Most companies sell dowel rods made from wood and metal.
  • They can be made out of wood, steel, brass, aluminum, etc.

Different Wood Dowels We Offer

We have a variety of conventional dowel sizes at our factory. For instance, we carry a variety of lengths, diameters, and types of wood dowels. We can design wood dowels as you want to order. We have a big designer team with the latest technology equipment. We deliver all over the words for many years.

This comprises:

  • Dowel rods with diameters ranging from 1/4″ to 2″
  • Dowels that are 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, and longer.
  • Various exotic planks of wood, including cherry, birch, ash, poplar, walnut, white oak, red oak, hard maple, and soft maple, are available as wood dowels.
  • Furniture dowels, dowel rods, and dowel pins
  • Dowels in a variety of forms, including plain or pre-glued, fluted or spiral grooved, and fractional or metric dowels


Dowel rods are easy to work, light weighted, and made from high quality. If you are in the wood business or an art and craft lover you know how hard it is to shape up small pieces of wood than the bigger ones. So why are you wasting your precious time when you can get top-quality and smoother dowel rods with just a few clicks at a very affordable price? Just visit the store and check out the designs and quality and you will be amazed at how wonderful they are.

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