Do You Have an Outdated Digital Workplace?


Companies have been enjoying digital workplaces for many years. Namely, this is so they can benefit from improved productivity, better communication and positive employee experiences.

But, companies will realize none of these benefits if they have an outdated digital workplace. In fact, when you are working with a system that nobody can operate or likes to use, this can lead to low staff morale, poor efficiency and increased expenses. Here are some signs that you have an outdated digital workplace and need to do something about it.

You Find the Digital Workplace Complicated

The purpose of a digital workplace is to give everybody easy access to information that will help them do their job. But this is something they are not going to be able to do well with an outdated system. A good way to test your digital workplace is to play around with it yourself and see what you think. If you find it too complicated to operate, how can you expect your employees to use it effectively? 

A good way to find out if your digital workplace is too complicated is also to ask your employees. If you get negative feedback, this is definitely going to be the push you need to change things. There are more modern systems out there that you can try instead. For example, you can get Atlas by Clear People today. This is going to allow you and your team to benefit from an easy-to-use interface which offers everything from knowledge management to collaborative workspaces. It has fantastic feedback from companies that use it, and it might be the answer to all your problems.

Researching is Taking Longer Than It Should

Before a project begins, there is going to be a lot of research taking place. This is a vital process that ensures the best results for the client, as well as your company. You have to ensure there is an efficient process in place in order to gain the right research and carry it out in the right timeframe. 

However, if you have an outdated digital workplace, this will not happen. Instead, you might find that research takes a lot longer than it should. This might be because your employees cannot find the information they need or cannot operate the digital workplace correctly for efficiency. Either way, it is a sure sign that it is time to modernize your system.

Staff Do Not Feel Supported

Employees have high expectations when they join the workforce. They expect to receive training and support so that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Indeed, it is in your best interest to spend time and money on platforms that will help your employees complete tasks. Otherwise, they are likely to leave if they feel unsupported. Then, you are going to be down on staff and this can affect interactions with clients and projects you are currently working on. Plus, it can put extra pressure on the employees you still have in the office.

So, if this seems to be something that is happening at your company, it is time to do something about it. High staff turnover can affect your productivity levels. Indeed, your digital workplace might not be provided with the support it should. You can change systems and educate your workforce about the best ways to use them. You can always gain feedback later on to see if this has helped staff.

Home Working is Not Productive

In the last few years, people have realized that they want to work from home. It can provide them with a better work-life balance, as well as avoid the costly and long commute to work. As an employer, this is something that you have to accept and accommodate. It will be one of the best ways to keep your best staff and attract new talent.

But, if you feel that home working is not productive, this might not be down to your employees. It may be the fact that they do not have the tools, information and data they need to do their jobs at home. Indeed, the digital workplace you have might be outdated and not work well with remote working. So, this is a sign you should make some changes and go for an update.

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