Different kinds of Volleyball Training Procedures and Tools


To become a successful volleyball court player, it is necessary to be more powerful and energetic. To be a good volleyball player, it is essential to learn basic skills such as passing, blocking, hitting, and setting. According to some coaches, it is necessary to go through some training to develop these skills. This article focuses on the different types of volleyball training and the different devices needed for this training.

What are the different types of training needed for volleyball players?

The different training that should be included in a volleyball training program is:

  • Strength- Strength plays a vital role in volleyball training programs. To excel on the court, volleyball players must be strong and powerful. A player can practice lifting weights, leg exercises, core exercises, and many more to build strength.
  • Jump training- Jumping is the main element of playing volleyball. Volleyball attackers and blockers mainly need it.  To increase vertical jump, one needs to do leg and hip exercises.
  • Agility- Speed is crucial to a volleyball player’s performance. Players need to move fast on the court. Players can perform forward running, lateral jumps, lateral running, and many other exercises to increase their agility.

What are the different devices or sporting goods needed for volleyball training?

The various volleyball training devices that the players need are:

  • Solid Ball- For volleyball practice getting the perfect ball is most important. The main difference between each ball is whether it is used outdoors or indoors. Outdoor volleyballs are made of composite and water-resistant material and stitched together, while indoor volleyballs are made of leather and molded together.
  • Volleyball Net- The Volleyball net is often used as a training tool or equipment by coaches. The volleyball nets help section the zones, such as setting, hitting, defensive, and serving zones. Using a net as training equipment helps the players or athletes to have a visual target, which helps the players to assist the visual learners.
  • Spike Glove- Spike glove helps in improving spike velocity. Spike Glove teaches a more forceful and reliable wrist snap downward. This equipment ensures players spike or hit the ball with their fingers pointed downward and toward the ground. Spike gloves encourage accurate and consistent spike. Performing volleyball training using spike gloves will help in increasing power and strength, and it also serves as muscle memory.
  • Serving Machine- It is an excellent device for individual players and teams to practice volleyball. This machine is quite similar to a pitching machine or a hitting machine. This is used for practicing serve-receive, skipping techniques, and digging.
  • Volleyball Spike Trainer- A volleyball spike trainer will help improve the hitting technique even without chasing the ball. This also works on arm swing, footwork, and ball contact. This can improve a player’s spiking power and agility. Also, it is easy to use and has a long hook to connect it to the poles or any other place. So, before starting volleyball training, do not forget to buy this kit.
  • Jump Training Tool- Some coaches believe in including jump training in their regular practice. This tool helps players move faster on the volleyball court and increases their vertical jump. Jump training tools also help the coaches to understand and measure each player’s vertical jump or standing reach. Jump training equipment helps athletes focus on their goals during the training session and enables them to monitor their development or improvement.
  • Skylets- This equipment is a must for any player involved in volleyball training. This device helps in learning the proper hand replacement for setting. The adjustable design of this equipment ensures the effectiveness of the movement.


For an athlete who wants to be a successful volleyball player, it is important to get engaged in volleyball training. To gain power and strength from this training, it is necessary to have the right equipment or tools. The sports, as mentioned earlier, goods or devices will help the players gain and develop all the skills smoothly. Including these tools will ensure that the players understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, with these tools, one can practice independently without help.

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