Did Filipina actor Gigi De Lana Done Plastic Surgery? Her Before and After Photos Compare!


Filipina singer and actress Gigi De Lana has been believed to have had plastic surgery. Recently, the public has to notice changes in her facial appearance.

The viral sensation of 26 has taken the world by storm following her appearance on the singing reality show Tawag to Tanghalan which airs on Showtime. She has a large fan base and is loved throughout the Philippines as well as around the globe.

Have Filipina actress Gigi De Lana Done Plastic Surgery?

It is real that Filipina singer and actress Gigi De Lana underwent plastic surgery. She has made herself open about her face alteration on the news.

De Lana has shared her opinions in interviews about the issue and stated that she was proud of her decision to undergo the procedure to enhance her appearance. She urged other women facing the same dilemma to undergo the knife and take a deep breath and decide what is the best for them.

Gigi De Lana decided that her plastic surgery, but she’s not the only one who has embraced it. ( Source: Instagram )

Additionally, Gigi is a body-positive activist and believes in the choice of how one’s body appearance is their own. She’s one of the top celebrities from the Philippines who underwent the procedure and has proudly spoken about the procedure without hiding it.

Gigi De Lana Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Gigi De Lana experienced subtle changes to her facial appearance since deciding to undergo surgery. The before and after pictures are appearing on social media, revealing the differences in the photos.

The 26-year-old singer appears to have acquired a more volume to her lips. Additionally, the botox procedure appears to have altered her cheeks’ appearance slighty.

Gigi De Lana’s photos of her before and after have been circulating the web. ( Source : Youtube )

Additionally, it is believed to be the case that Filipina actress has had Rhinoplasty to alter the shape of her nose and make it more perfect. The procedure certainly has improved her looks and she has since accepted her new look. She regularly posts gorgeous photos of her on her Instagram account, @ Giidelanaofficial.

Has Gigi De Lana Done Botox And Facelift

Gigi De Lana underwent plastic surgery to alter the slight facial features to appear the gorgeous person she’s. She has undergone Botox or Facelift procedures.

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Lana has undergone Botox procedure on her face to appear gorgeous and to conceal imperfections in the shape that her face has. While she was not perfect, she did have flaws The procedure just enhanced the beauty of the actress.

Additionally, Gigi has also undergone facelift surgery to improve her cheeks and face to overall appear flawless and stunning. She is not the one to conceal her facelift and deny the procedure. Lana is a prominent advocates for the procedure, and a defender of freedom to make choices regarding self.

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