Deadly landslide engulfs motorway in Brazil

A landslide on a motorway in southern Brazil has killed at least two people and left dozens missing.


The ugliness of the torrent flowed onto the BR-376 highway located in Parana which slammed at least 16 vehicles, officials claimed.

The rescue workers on the scene reported that bad weather conditions and the remote location was causing problems for searchers.

Local authorities have told a press conference that 30 to 50 people might be missing.

Emergency services have found six survivors including the Mayor of the town on the coast located in Guaratuba, Roberto Justus.

In a post on social media in a post on social media, Mr Justus claimed that the man was “alive because of his grace through God” according the AFP the news organization.

“It was a disaster,” he said. “The mountain fell right on our top. It washed away every vehicle.”

Images published by the emergency service illustrate the extent of the damage caused by landslide that occurred on Monday night. It destroyed a portion of the highway as well as the vehicles along it.

There is a risk that there will be more landslides as the an official weather agency in Brazil INMET is suing severe rain warnings across several states of Brazil.

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