Dashcam captures actual footage of MOA Globe allegedly stolen by a helicopter


a stunning piece of information went viral after it was revealed that the iconic Globe on the Mall of Asia had been allegedly stolen.

After hearing the news, social media users in the Philippines came to life and temporarily halted their desires.”Bro, it’s very unusual that the Mall of Asia globe became stolen as if nothing had happened,” one said.How could that appear, considering how large that globe is? Unless you’re one of these enormous titans, then it’s tolerable. But the fact that it was stolen despite the fact that it was located on a busy street makes me think it’s absurd and only up for some business stunts.


Photos that have surfaced on the Internet indicate an empty centre island with the long-lasting globe gone.


Meanwhile, the SM Mall of Asia management published this authentic assertion on their Facebook web page.


“SM Mall of Asia is now collaborating with the authorities in researching the MOA Globe incident.


“With our security features in place, you can be confident that the SM Mall of Asia remains a safe place for your family and friends.”

The scene is similar to a Hollywood movie. A dashcam photo indicates the MOA Globe was allegedly stolen by helicopter.

moa globe


“I thought it was a hoax, but reputedly it’s true.” And nobody did anything even as the MOA globe was harnessed and carried away? No one saw it happening? Is it even legal for choppers to fly at night?Who is watching our skies?”What’s going on?” said Gary Valenciano.


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